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Absolutely! Even the 100$ package wasn’t good either this year…Damascus blade and a tome…I bet their sales plummeted this year.

Can probably bet on another $100 dollar deal next week that has two different 4* items in it

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I was wondering, will be there a VIP (30 days) purchase on Easter event? Last year I remember, there was a VIP (30 days) purchase on holiday with much lower price plus you will also receive some gems when you purchase. That was also on Halloween and Christmas event if I am not wrong.

Asked and answered in this thread @V1iktOr2500:


Thoughts on today’s? In particular how it compares to Magpies or others?

I don’t think there is anything which has a complete comparison of Emblem Offers in terms of $/emblem but some threads of note:
(I might try whipping something up today)


Thanks Guvnor. You’re the master of thread linking.

Based on that, this is worth. 10x 175 gems (5+5 emblem offers in store) + 500 = 2250 for $10, or 2.25 gems/$0.01. A 12.5% boost over the nominal 2 gems per cent. Considerably worse than Magpies, but they’re both pretty rare.

Note— all math done in my head. It’s not hard math, but errors still possible.

That’s of course assuming you need those emblems. Recent heroes for them are JF and Malosi. Classic ones include Kiril and Gormek/Grimm.

I am skipping this one. Emblems are desirable as I am working on my second Wizard, although I still don’t have a 5 star Barbarian to use these on, and I am pretty sure the ones I have are sufficient to have one maxed out when they appear…

Problem is the 500 gems that come with it and not the usual 1000 for this tier. Back in the beginning, 50 emblems were a lot as that would save a month+ worth of gathering them. With time, the emblem value pretty much decreased but designers never really reflected that in game’s offers economy. I don’t think I support that. It’s only good offer for those who want to catch up badly because they started when the emblems were already in the game, and of course for those who don’t mind these 10 bucks value and are pretty much buying everything.


Another disappointing offer today although an equivalent offer was in the 2nd Wednesday of last years event.
On the 2nd Tuesday we had a 1000 gem plus tabard offer which I was hoping for today. Hope we get it tomorrow.


I think it is to encourage the player to buy the offer the same day, so make him feel compelled to seize this chance on pain of not having access to it the following days. I find this a shame because in a sense, it would allow them to have a better turnover. Some players make comparisons to precisely buy the offers that have a higher value. :sweat_smile:

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Was I too early with the pitchforks? Perhaps I was… Or perhaps the sales of the last offer for this tier were so terrible they quickly returned to 1 in stock with 4 star mat. Guess we will never know.

But hell, even if I was wrong with all the drama, I gladly welcome you mr Tabard to my inventory.

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Hi yes it’s definitely a much better offer than last weeks. I hope that they review what proportion of players bought which offer and keep it in mind for future events.

Been patiently waiting for multiple compass offer like some of the others…disappointed so far…

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It really helps to check the previous years calendars for these offers. Occasionally they changed to remove some of the cheapest offers and replace them with the emblem ones, or this year when they removed the 1000+Mystic Rings to replace with utter disappointment, but if a calendar never had 200+Compass, it is unlikely it will be added the next year.

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Kicking myself for not buying yesterday’s offer. It would have been the single largest purchase in game for me, which is why I didn’t, but regretting it today.

Honestly, I know I’d spend more if past offers were available.

Tomorrow will be a 100 dollar offer with rings and a tonic. Those are the only two 4* mats that haven’t been available yet.

Will the last day offer give you free epic hero token ? I would love to get 1 more chance at a springvale hero before it closes .


I have a feeling it will either be 1 of each Flask, or 1x Raid + 1x Titan, we already had a WE Flask, so maybe we will just be given the latter two for this final offer/freebie.

i won’t say no to them either way.

Did anyone happen to get screenshots of the entire Spring Offers Calender 2020 thus far? Bonus points if you are also based in Australia! I missed a few days, and it’s really messing with my OCD :grimacing: :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

It’s right here

:rabbit: Offers Log & Discussion – Springvale 2020

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