🐰 Offers Log & Discussion – Springvale 2020

Replace one of the best offers with garbage :scream:


These offers are laughable. SG making damn sure they aren’t making any money these first 3 days lol

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Yup I’m boycotting these as well… They think they’ll make more money when they allow to buy 3 times the same offer, but if the offer is a joke, they won’t even sell me one.

I know that these cheap 3* + 200 gems were here forever, but since forever people are counting on the 4* + 1000 gems offers during seasonal events, so if these are removed I’m done buying anything else. If people can’t get mats to ascend the heroes they have, what’s the point of continously adding new heroes I don’t understand. The greed will ruin this game eventually, nothing else…


Is today’s offer worth to buy? Need some suggestions…

It’s typical average offer that you’d expect from this game. If you need that particular 4* mat and gems and can spend the 30$ tag it’s worth it.

Note that if the pattern follows last year\s there will be very similar offer next week but with darts instead of scope. So check which one you need more.

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Where is the deal that’s 10$ with 1k gems and a tonic?!
Why would most people need this trash?


I thought the same, trash trash trash:))


For those of us who’ve been stuck at the 3* mat cap, that doesn’t look like trash. Players near the beginning of their ascension journeys could be grateful for it. Mind you I won’t be buying it, I’m past that particular bottleneck (for now - never say never ‘n’ all that…)

They used to have those mats in a 2$ bundle with 200 gems.
The majority are looking for 4* mats


As am I. All I’m saying is that it isn’t necessarily that bad a deal for everyone - I think. Not sure how 3* mats convert to gem equivalent, it’s probably subjective. And yeah, the cheaper bundle would be more appealing.

Still, another 12 days’ worth of offers to come, two of which are free, so here’s hoping for a few decent ones. As someone said on another thread, which these posts are probably going to get merged with before long, it saves having to spend on one day at least!

well, with 1 mat +200 gems at 2 bucks, with 10 bucks, it should be 5 mats and 1000 gems.

So you’re getting 2 less mats, you can’t pick the mats you like, and, normally, bigger bundles should be cheaper.


Ah, of course, thanks. Makes sense.

Anyone know if they do a vip deal like Xmas n Halloween?

There was one in April last year, but there’s really no way to know if there will be the same offer this time or not.

It was this one last year: New Offer: Dragon Magic! 350 Gems & 30 Days of VIP

It’s also not a Springvale offer, it just happened to be in April.


At this point in my game, not paying for 3* AMs. Just do not need more than 60 of whatever just for the gems. Nope. Get that garbage as a “thanks for playing” consolation prize after every third titan or so.

Saves me money watching this first week of lame offers go by.


Absolutely! Even the 100$ package wasn’t good either this year…Damascus blade and a tome…

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Absolutely! Even the 100$ package wasn’t good either this year…Damascus blade and a tome…I bet their sales plummeted this year.

Can probably bet on another $100 dollar deal next week that has two different 4* items in it

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I was wondering, will be there a VIP (30 days) purchase on Easter event? Last year I remember, there was a VIP (30 days) purchase on holiday with much lower price plus you will also receive some gems when you purchase. That was also on Halloween and Christmas event if I am not wrong.

Asked and answered in this thread @V1iktOr2500:


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