🌴 Offers Log & Discussion – Sand Empire 2020

  1. Regular offers with gloves for 3$ that allow to buy 3 of these much cheaper are coming
  2. Gloves can be received in the monthly events and at easy rewards tier
  3. They drop much more often than epic mats

Honestly, after couple months of playing, it’s hard to find yourself in a spot where you lack gloves… maybe if you are in alliance that’s stuck beating 4 star titans… I am ascending every 4 star and every costume this game throws at me (and I think I don’t lack any of the new ones they added), yet still sitting on over 50 gloves… there are people who play this longer than me and who have hundreds. If anyone is in a situation when they desperately need that one glove because this one hero is going to change their game so much it’s worth paying rather than waiting a week for new source of gloves, then… just wait for the 3$ offer. Srsly, this one is garbage. Imho only heavy gem collectors who look at buying 1000 gems at a discount can find this one attractive.


Fixed now.


Are you sure, that an offer with a gloves comes at Friday? They changed first offer and this offer. Maybe it will not be the same as earlier

You can be sure of nothing as they reworked everything about this event, but I’m pretty solid each 3* item will have their offers, as it was usually the case.

If somehow that won’t happen - on Avalon Epic and Legendary event completion will bring two.

If they sell 3* mats for $10.0, there should be 5 3mats in order to equaling with 1 4 mat.

A good comparison would be to have a look at what appeared in the springvale 2020 offers; the Summer offers will (likely) follow a similar pattern seeing as both are 2 weeks long.
Linky Link: 🐰 Offers Log & Discussion – Springvale 2020


I definitely agree with most, last year you got a 4* mat for $9.99. I won’t spend a cent on anything with 3* mats. Have 50+ of every single one of them. If the only offer for 4* mats are the 50 and 100 offers I’ll pass on them as well. I think they believe the lower priced offers will attract more newcomers and more purchases and think if no 4* mats are in the lower dollar offers they would make more overall money because they would sell more high dollar offers from those just wanting the 4* mats. Just my opinion. No thanks, if they play it tight and cheap I will as well.

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I strongly agree with bunny and others here that Gloves can be easily obtained . When you start playing they are scarce but once you move on upper titans and completing events they start to dropping more often.
So , its sort of dissapointing to see 3* mats offered instead of 4* AM.

On the other hand we have now two 4* AM every two month (if you pay) from POV. So , i can understand them to try to keep kinda balance.

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Wish there was at least 1 offer that has a 200gem per $1 ratio. If the Sand Empire offers follow suite with the Springvale offers, none of them seem like a good deal. I will most likely be passing on all of them.


Price tiers

Price tiers are the best update to the seasonal calendar offers since multiple in stock offers.


4* heroes

For friendly, family, but small alliances, the 3* ascension item offer is crucial to the players’ rosters.

Especially those getting titan loot tier 1- 7.


Click for rant

In my opinion, all the offers over priced.

I have not bought an epic summon token offer since I finally got Boldtusk.

I have not bought an ascension item offer since I got 3x rainbow 4* 3.60 teams and 1x rainbow 4* 4.70 teams ( total 20x heroes).

I have not bought an emblem offer since I got 1x 4*+15 heroes for each class ( total 10x heroes).

I have not bought a gem offer to expand my roster space since Hero Academy was previewed in Beta.

I find is sad, that VIP pass is the best deal for most players. And that is because of the loot tickets.

But that is how SGG has chosen to make money. By charging a lot for instant gratification.


Not sure if this thread is active anymore, but today’s offer seems reasonably interesting. What do you guys say?

Guess that is 9,99 USD


I‘m missing the 1000 Gems + 4* mats offers. Seems that they removed them completely. Very sad…


Yeah gotta do some updates to the OP. Will knock them out tomoz


For this price, you can get 1000 gems normally. I personally stopped chasing emblems for money a while ago, they’ll just come eventually at their pace. Having to spend millions of ham and iron to level up is actually pretty dread experience, so I’m not paying extra to remind myself of that.


If it was 1000 with 25/25 I’d take it, as is…hard pass


With that logic, you consider 50 emblems equivalent to 5$, considering you get the 1000 gems for the other 5$.

So, for this offer, you should be willing to pay 12.5$ for 100 emblems = 10$ and 500 gems =2.5$.

Looks to me you think this is a good deal, but then you say hard pass?

No I consider a gem deal as worth it if the ratio is 1/1 or better.

The emblems aren’t worth it by themselves…I seem to come across the. Fairly regularly

Damn another garbage offer. Not sure that we’re going to get any 1000 gems plus a 4* mat deal. I don’t understand this direction that they’ve taken with offers. I’ve already cut way back on my gem pulls due to lack of 4* mats and also average (raffaelle) to completely terrible (noor) H’sOTM.

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I’m desperate for capes (and telescopes), and also need gems. It’s tempting, but you’re right. With a 4* mat it would be given. Now I’m not sure

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