🌴 Offers Log & Discussion – Sand Empire 2020

:spiral_calendar: Sand Empire 2020 Offers Calendar

During Seasonal Events, there is a special calendar with a different offer each day, each available for 24 hours.

The offers are not visible until the start of each day, and show for all players at the same time (for sand Empire, they rotate at 07:00 GMT).

Once closed, the Offers Calendar can be accessed by tapping the Sand Castle icon on the Stronghold screen.


Two of the calendar days also offer free items — typically these are crafting ingredients, and sometimes flasks or tokens.

Typically the offers on Seasonal Event Calendars are varied in price range, and often offer some of the best deals on purchasing particular individual ascension materials and gems. Not all items will be offered, and the quantity available for each item is typically restricted to just 1.

:money_mouth_face: 2020 Sand Empire Offers Log

Day :calendar:
Other Items
In Stock
Price (USD)
1 29 Jun 200
Warm Cape - - - - 3 1.99
2 30 Jun 1000
Orb, Fine Gloves, Trap Tools - - 1x WE - 3 9.99
3 1 Jul 2800
Mysterious Tonic, Compass, Fine Gloves 2 2 1x TE 4x Nuggets, 2x Meteor Fragments 1 29.99
4 2 Jul 200
Hidden Blade - - - - 3 1.99
5 3 Jul
6 4 Jul - - 2 2 - - 4 2.99
Royal Tabard, Tome of Tactics, Warm Cape, Sturdy Shield, Trap Tools, Compass 5 5 2x TE 20x Nuggets, 20x Meteor Fragments, 20x Dragon Bones, 1x Reset Token 1 99.99
7 5 Jul - - - - - 5x Timestop, 5x Super Mana Potion 1 FREE
8 6 Jul 500
50x Druid Emblems
50x Sorcerer Emblems
- - - - 1 9.99
9 7 Jul 1000
Compass, Sturdy Shield, Warm Cape - - 1x WE - 1 9.99
10 8 Jul 1000
Poison Darts - - - - 1 9.99
11 9 Jul 4700
Mystic Rings, Sturdy Shield, Fine Gloves, Trap Tools 3 4 1x TE 8x Nuggets, 8x Meteor Fragments, 8x Dragon Bones 1 49.99
12 10 Jul 200
Compass - - - - 3 1.99
13 11 Jul - - 4 1 - - 3 4.99
Telescope, Damascus Blade, Warm Cape, Hidden Blade, Magic Orb, Compass 5 5 5x TE 20x Nuggets, 20x Meteor Fragments, 20x Dragon Bones, 1x Reset Token 1 99.99
14 12 Jul - - - - 1x RE, 1x WE, 1x TE 3x Harpoons, 1x Time Freeze 1 FREE

*ETT = Epic Troop Token, EHT = Epic Hero Token

:older_man: 2019 Offer Log

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There goes the #spend campaign. But thank you for the reminder on the previous gem offers, @Guvnor.


@Petri The announcement says

:palm_tree: Summer Offers Calendar with a new awesome offer for each day (until 19th of June), including FREE gifts!

Seems a bit weird. Even 19th of July is weird because the event only goes until the 13th of July. :smile:

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Fixed! :blush:

20 chars


So offers go until 19th of July but the event only until 13th of July? :thinking:

No, the last offer is on the 12th of July.


@Guvnor - That should be Summer or Sand Empire? right?


Yes. copy paste lol…


Very disappointing offer today like they did the 1st week of Springvale and swapped out the 4* mat for some garbage in the 1000 gem offer. At least it will save me money.


trap tools! yes please! :grin: been needing them for a while!!! Now… thing is… which dark hero to use them on. :joy:

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Really! NOT 4* Ascension Material. Good bye $$. SG you are waste your time if you are waiting we will pay $100 for 4* ascension materials


Again this terrible offer with useless 3x 3 star mats instead of 1x 4 star mat. Looks that they are going to stay.

I used to anticipate those 10$ tier offers every calendar, now that they changed them it’s an easy skip.

I wonder if they really make more money by offering 3x crap offer as compared to offering 1x decent offer…


I wish newer players could resist buying offers with 3* mats and then SG would realise that they
need to offer more 1000 gems plus a 4* mat deals.

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icon to tap to see the reward is wrong in the post @Guvnor

And dev can give ETT, EHT and ST each in first free and flasks in next free ? I’m very curious to know in the free gift , dev shows to players that they are very very poor , lol

Why whales give lot of money to u in offers to show u (dev) some pity to FRee to play players :see_no_evil:


Speak for yourself about them being useless.
I rarely get fine gloves. I get more orbs and trap tools than I do gloves so any chance that gives me some I am happy for. ALTHOUGH I am not buying this offer (no money lol)

Also, looking at last years offer log, the rewards for the first FREE don’t look anything special

“5x Fine Steel, 1x Dragon Bone, Summon Token”

The last one is though, and this always seems to be this reward, which I am happy about

“1x Titan, 1x Raid, 1x World”

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  1. Regular offers with gloves for 3$ that allow to buy 3 of these much cheaper are coming
  2. Gloves can be received in the monthly events and at easy rewards tier
  3. They drop much more often than epic mats

Honestly, after couple months of playing, it’s hard to find yourself in a spot where you lack gloves… maybe if you are in alliance that’s stuck beating 4 star titans… I am ascending every 4 star and every costume this game throws at me (and I think I don’t lack any of the new ones they added), yet still sitting on over 50 gloves… there are people who play this longer than me and who have hundreds. If anyone is in a situation when they desperately need that one glove because this one hero is going to change their game so much it’s worth paying rather than waiting a week for new source of gloves, then… just wait for the 3$ offer. Srsly, this one is garbage. Imho only heavy gem collectors who look at buying 1000 gems at a discount can find this one attractive.


Fixed now.


Are you sure, that an offer with a gloves comes at Friday? They changed first offer and this offer. Maybe it will not be the same as earlier

You can be sure of nothing as they reworked everything about this event, but I’m pretty solid each 3* item will have their offers, as it was usually the case.

If somehow that won’t happen - on Avalon Epic and Legendary event completion will bring two.

If they sell 3* mats for $10.0, there should be 5 3mats in order to equaling with 1 4 mat.

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