Offers discrimination

Dont know why I pay 112 us dolar for the same offer that others pay 100 $ for it …

Can you pls give example?
Maybe it is related to those topics?

Could be even worse. I had thoughts of going ftp going forward and Apple helped even more with that decision. Sweden has always had a rather bad conversion rate between dollar and kronor, at least the Apple store. So after our currency dropped slightly in value I thought ‘Hey, at least we just pay like 8-10% more than Americans now instead of 15% more’. But then Apple decided that that just couldn’t stand so now we pay 125 dollar for the same deal. Price adjustment even higher on the 50 dollar deals since those used to be our best value for some reason.

Well, being an apple fan isn’t free, obviously.
To the topic - it is more a thing to be addressed to Google & Apple. I think SG get equal share from any purchase, was it made from US, Germany, UK or Turkey.

In EU (or at least Germany) the prices on Android and Apple are the same (checked with my husband, he plays on iPhone, I on Android).

It’s 5,49 €/ 21,99 €/ 109,99 € here. Too lazy to convert it to $$$$.

I am Android and is 21 dollars more expensive for me. I live in Spain.

I would be spoofing location and buying online gplay cards if i had an android in any country outside of the US

It doesn’t work like that unfortunately. It’s tied to your google account, not current location. I’m in Canada, and when travelling in the States, I still had prices in CAD for offers.


Cant change location of google account?

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You can, but it still show your home currency and your home prices.
If you need “local currency”, it’s a bit tricky. The thing is, you need a different payment profile. That can be done, if desired.

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You can, but only once a year, and I think it could be risky if it’s not your actual location. I don’t want to read through their terms and conditions, but I’m pretty sure spoofing your location for better deals could lock you out or even get your account banned.


All i know is if there is a way to do it, I’d be lookin into it or figuring one out

Not sayin that is a good idea for everyone

In usa this offer is for 99 , in my country Jordan is for 112 … and it’s always like that … what I have to pay 13 $ dollar more for the same offer

Shouldn’t be an issue.

From their help, any traveler could use a different profile if desired.

You can’t change a home country associated with an existing payments profile. If you moved, are traveling, or have temporary residence in another country, you need to create a new payments profile.

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One jod ( Jordanian dinar ) = 1.41 us dollar

If you read the threads closely @Unicorn1 you see that this is normal as the circumstances for pricing differs in the countries…e.g. in USA you pay the VAT later, hence the price seems to be less in first view. Maybe you add USA tax and check if the % is the same or more in your country. Guess the price will be similar then.


Idk bout rest of US but no online taxes in my home state

The majority of states in the US do not tax digital goods. Yet. There are no federal taxes (a federal sales tax or VAT is not Constitutionally allowed and would require an amendment).

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Mine does (sales tax maybe?) I always pay taxes on the back end. :confused: I’m iOS/Apple if that matters.

time to move!!!


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