Offerings of the Owls deal OMG 😮

If u plan on logging in every day for a month then absolutely the one month VIP over the first one…normally an epic hero summon costs 300 gems, which when added to the 600 gems u get from the offer is 900 (exactly the same as the VIP pass but u also get the second builder, loot tickets, and additional daily summon) and u can craft arrow attacks with a gum wrapper and some twigs, so i don’t put a gem value on that lol.

As for the second and third ones, it depends more on how much you value the ascension items theyre offering; someone desperate for one more warm cape right now could be enticed into buying it over someone who already has 36 warm capes.

As someone else said, the instantaneous return of this offer is nice, but the vip is better for long term, and if you DO plan to be in it for the long term, ur better off developing the patience for it now…

it’s been a trend for a bit. just normally for gems not cash. These offers will continue to include more and more mats. which gives players more incentive to spend but less incentive to play. Why play the game and try to earn mats if you can just wait and use the credit card instead…

oh nevermind, forgot these deals are “only geared towards players that already buy gems, the mats are just a bonus and no one just buys these packages for the mats” :joy: that’s what another player actually told me. but as you can see the mats increase with the price, so obviously not true.

do i think they’re good deals? sure. do i think it’s in the game’s best interest to make this offers a regular occurence? absolutely not and never have. Mats should earned, not bought.

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Oops, too late :smiley: Used 3… Well, I got the HOTM so not bad but too late ><

Well… went stupid and bought the two rounds of the middle deal and will wait for Morlovia to pull.

Best value in all the gane store is the VIP.
With no doubt go for the VIP.
Its 900 gems and 2 builders per month awesome best deal. @Mimsly

2000 pounds here I live in Egypt :rofl:

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I’m tempted to buy third option
but that’s a lot of money.

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I don’t buy anything but the owls are cool :sunglasses:


I don’t understand why in Poland, where earnings and purchasing power, are much weaker than in the west, we have more expensive offers for about 20-25%.

It’s embarrassing.

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Also more expensive in Denmark. 1USD = 6.5DKK today. Makes the offer 7/26/138 USD.

It’s quite unfair that some countries are 90USD but for others 130USD

The monthly one is a really good deal I do that one the extra builder really helps and so does the daily gems and loot tickets

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Builder is essential. How cheap of a c2p player do you want to be. It is a slippery slope once you begin spending. The newer player is best taking vip eventually and the 5x 200 gems for a buck every time


The 3rd offer has to be considered a good if not great offer at least in US it’s $99 you get all the non farmable ascension mats flask world and raid in game value of 100 gems and 11000 gems compared to every day price of 10000 gems for $99


They need more deals like this. I like the 2nd and 3rd offer.

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One week ago, I started a thread about passing on the epic offer. $30 for 3000 gems, three troop tokens, two mats and filler. My thought was there would be an offer of equal price/gems in the halloween calendar, but with better stuff. Well, it seems that deal is early…and cheaper


It should be pointed out that this offer seems to be replacing the $20/2000 gem offer which drops every 4th Friday. And, it is a better offer than that.

Remember, though, if you are on a budget that the Halloween calendar drops its first offer Monday

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I’ve saved up till I had 2600 gems to get the extra summons 3 times in an attempt to get a 5 star green & didn’t get even 1. It’s pretty ridiculous.

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Did you check the odds with the little ? before summoning ?

If yes it should be no suprise you did not get a 5*.

I recommend geting TC 20 as fast as possible.

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Without a doubt, BUY YOURSELF A VIP PASS!!! Especially if you are a new player. You will save so much time leveling up your empire. I am actually jealous and mad that VIP pass wasn’t available when I started play this game… :rage: :laughing:

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