Offerings of the Owls deal OMG 😮

Welcome to the world that is RNG, with a side dish of patience :wink:

It would be awesome to get

I love how we have the need to thank SG for giving us an offer to spend our money on

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@AmberJoy tc 20 is Training Camp 20 giving you a chance of training Legendary (5*) heroes. The odds of training 5* heroes in tc 20 is 4-5% and 4* heroes like 20% , from the data collected by players.

I liked the offers. It has all the pockets. For those who can afford to spend more and for those who are on the tightest budget.

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TC20 refers to Training Camp 20, ie running a fully leveled training camp to produce heroes with a chance at legendary 5* showing up.

There’s a very nice guide to the commonly used terms on the forums here put together by one of the current mods.


@AmberJoy, you need to google empire and puzzles wiki. There is a section for the base which is where your stronghold is. Read all the sub-sections on buildings. Then, go back and read everything.

And visit the alliance Troll Akademi

I dont know if I would visit an alliance with this name…but names can be decieving. :smile:

Yeah, not sure if I would go to school either lol

I have trained well over 100 heroes in the level 20 camps & have only gotten 1 level 5 hero. Len 95% of the time I get level 3. This is my favorite game to play on my phone but it’s so frustrating sometimes. I’v also been trying for about 6 months to get a telescope to ascend one of my heroes. If I could just buy the stuff I would. I understand not allowing the purchase of certain heroes but supplies should be different.

The problem is that if ascension materials become readily available for cash, then the game becomes one where the only way to ‘win’ is to spend money.
Right now people can spend lots of money and get a chance at better heroes, but it still takes time and limited resources to level them. This means the people who don’t or can’t spend a walletfull of money still have a chance to stay in competition with them because the materials required for ascension are hard to get and drop randomly.
Lacking materials is frustrating, speaking as someone with a batch of heroes at the ascension wall, but it’s also frustrating to have the materials for a given color and no heroes worth using them on too. Also in that situation with dark materials.


Same number of epic pulls. 600 gems=2pulls plus one from the token.

VIP 30daysx30gems=900=3pulls. Plus the second builder.

For a new player my money is on the second builder honestly.

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The loot tix from vip are not a minor add-on

This is exactly how I feel 6 hours to decide lol

I took the cheapest deals. I’m focused on hoarding summons and less concerned with the 3* mats offered in the medium deal. I have at least 8 of each of those.

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On the surface it doesn’t seem like a lot of these deals (especially the ones for actual cash) are really worth it simply based on the amount of gems you can get for money in the store normally…most notably the VIP offer which by itself seems to be the most appealing offer available at any given time, even when including other ones like the current OFFERING OF THE OWLS.

If the OFFERING OF THE OWLS gets you 600 gems and 1 epic summon token (valued at 300 gems) plus some basic craftable arrows that i dont even value at any gem equivalent, then you’re getting a 900 gem value for the SAME PRICE as what’s given in the VIP offer which also includes 900 gems and additionally an extra builder, loot tickets and an extra daily summon assuming u log in every day to collect them. The $20 offer is a 2800 gem value from the gems and summon tokens alone, whereas four VIP passes would give you 3600 gems along with those other perks. The OFFERING OF THE OWLS also gives you three 3* ascension items and a couple other halfway decent items, but I don’t necessarily value those as higher than 800 gems total whichwould make up the difference. And don’t even get me started on the $100 offer (because im sure this post is long enough as is lol)

This has been the case for most of these offers that I’ve seen; they just don’t stack up to the value you get from the standard VIP pass. Sure it’s nice to get it all in one go instead of waiting one to four months for it and logging in every day but it seems like the people who aren’t playing the game for that long aren’t necessarily making these frivolous purchases to begin with. Am i way off base and are people absolutely stoked about these offers and buying them left and right?

For context, I’ve spent money on the VIP pass and on the Flash Offers (200 gems for a dollar) a handful of times…smaller amount of gems at once and technically a slightly better gems-alone value than the VIP offer when i only need like 200 gems and not a thousand.


Guess depends on desire, drive& budget & perspective…Want now or at end of VIP? Want tha elusive ascension item? Also sometimes good deal deal compared 2 straight purchase from store—get =/more gems + other stuff

It’s about convenience/ascension items also. Yes 4x VIP gives you more gems, but it also gives you no ascension items and you have to wait four months to get them. I assure you people have no problem whatsoever throwing money at these offers.

If the decision is one or the other, no argument. But I suspect a good portion of the prospective buyers either already have VIP or no longer would benefit much (if at all) from a second builder.

For that segment, they’re not comparing to VIP. Its a better deal than buying gems from the store, but not the best one time purchase of all time. Somewhere in between.

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Same subject.
Please move it @Rook

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