Offering a Hitchhiker or two a lift

10 experienced, competitive but chill members. We range from level 50 to 80 and would love to find a couple more level 50 to 70 team members.

We don’t have complicated war strategies and still win just as often. Come say hi, enjoy the bants and maybe you’ll decide to stay @ Hitchhikers.


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I’d like to make you an offer. We currently have 10 spots open on our team due to real life issues we had a few leave the game. Recruiting is tough and takes a long time to get full. What I’m offering is for you to merge your team with ours. We also are semi relaxed but competitive. We understand real life is most important and use the game to relax and have fun. What we have to offer in exchange. You will be hitting higher star titans to get better loot and grow faster. We have 5 alliances in our family. We also have a very extensive library of game tips and info. If you come over for a chat the library will be yours to keep even if you decide not to join us. We share. We currently have 480 members we are sharing our library with. I think you would find us to be a great fit for your team. Come over and let’s have a chat. Remember the library is yours to keep no matter what you decide. Just hit the link below. East of the Equator is our team.

Thanks but we are in no rush - prefer to grow organically so relationships build as the team does.
Good luck with your merger seeking

You are still welcome to use our library. Just hit that link and when I see you on there I’ll hook you up. No pressure to join. Link brings you to our welcome channel. From there I’ll change your status to knowledge seeker and boom you have it. That’s it.

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