Offer -- Week of Valentine {New}

Thread to track & discuss the new series of offers titled “Week of Valentine”

Day Date Available For You For Ally Cost (AUD) Cost (USD ex Tax)
1 9 Feb, 2022 2x 10x 500k Food
10x 500k Iron
1x 50k Food
1x 50k Iron
$7.99 $4.99
2 10 Feb, 2022 1x 5x 4* Trainer Hero
1x {each} 4*, 3*, 2* & 1* Trainer Troop
1x 1* Trainer Troop $14.99 $9.99
3 11 Feb, 2022 1x 1000x Underwild Coins
1000x Legends Coins
20x Legends Coins $30.99 $19.99
4 12 Feb, 2022
5 13 Feb, 2022 1x 50x Emblems each class {500 total} 1x Emblem each class {10 total} $14.99 $9.99
6 14 Feb, 2022
7 15 Feb, 2022 1x 5x Timestop
5x Super Health Potion
1x RE Flask
1x TE Flask
1x WE Flask

Note: the images are in AUD and include taxes.

Day 1 – 9 Feb, 2022

Day 2 – 10 Feb, 2022

Day 3 – 11 Feb, 2022

Day 4 – 12 Feb, 2022
No Record Sorry

Day 5 – 13 Feb, 2022

Day 6 – 14 Feb, 2022
No Record Sorry

Day 7 – 15 Feb, 2022


“Our last year Valentine’s offer worked our great, so many people bought it, let’s extend it!”

They are good at marketing, what can I say :smiley:


Basically, we can buy food bundles to re-emblem cKrampus :roll_eyes:
TBH it’s good offer IMHO and I would have buy it if " the balance" wasn’t introduced. Currently my wallet is closed for SG.


SG should have nerfed c.Krampus after these offers. Now more players are not spending lol.


This is why they have these offers over 9 days, to wear down your resolve day by day :smiling_imp:


Well at least these offers are working flawlessly.

Maybe we are playing a giant offer and sometimes the minigame aspect of it is not working? :thinking:


I prefer harvesting titans for food.

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So you mean your other alliance mates won’t appreciate you buying the offer :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:?

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My other alliance mates are also me…

And no, only 50 k food per offer bought is too small to even mention as a gift.


I know, that is why it was funny :slight_smile:

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Day 1: Save your money, buy real food.


Don’t get carried away, it’s probably a mistake that will be corrected in a few minutes and be repriced at $29.99, “because it breaks the game’s economy.” :joy:


Agreed with raistlin actually.

If I wasn’t utterly disappointed about my Ninja pulls…

If they didn’t buff heroes that didn’t need a buff and didn’t nerf heroes that didn’t need a nerf, with their silly arguments showing they have no idea what game they are managing (or knowing that too well and just lying in our face)…

If they didn’t mess up every new gameplay feature on release recently… except the offers…

…this all ham would be on my account already. It’s a very decent offer. Especially that I spent my bundles recently. But I just feel it would be disrespectful to myself to purchase this. Like the drug dealer that treats you like a piece of garbage but you still return every night and pay him the last money because you need another shot.


Yes, it’s like a dealer took your house but shows his “generosity” and for a cheap price, you can buy/rent a place in your former basement. Hope more people will not buy those offers, so maybe SG will realize that they should care about their players/customers.

After second thought I really feel offended with such offer just after “balance”


Ok. when I said this:

I actually meant discussing the OFFER…

Please leave the stuff about Costume Krampus in it’s intended thread.


I mean I guess its better…?

For the record, no posts were “removed”; I simply shifted them to a more suited thread.

Maybe you’d like this one: Evolution instead of revolution - Stop spending cash! 14.02 - 28.02


Very sadly my valentines won’t buy the offer for me …
When I asked ever so nicely - their quick response was …
“Get a life”
What can I say …?


Yeah I’m not going to ask my valentine, she will be wondering why to spend money on this game with all of the recent issues I told her about… I would look crazy!

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More on topic, I don’t mind these deals benefiting the alliance but I don’t like an entire week straight of peer pressure related spending. That’s a bit excessive… And by the end I think there may be some tension between spenders and f2p / vc2p.


My ally has always maintained no requirements, obligations or pressure about spending.

Whenever these “shared” offers come up we put a message like this into the banner; just to reemphasise it