Offer payment demands different values

In Turkey this gives a major error. You are saying 199TL in game but when try to buy it says 279TL… Why do I buy such thing?

Yesterday the price was still 199.99 and it was bought for this price. Why prices have risen so much today is a mystery for everyone, we are waiting for an explanation from SG.

Taxes, man. That’s how your government is charging for the taxes. The surplus cost is different from country to country since each nation has its own tax laws distinct from other countries

Have taxes increased by 30% overnight?

No, but the value of the Turkish lira compared to USD has dropped by around 30% in the past year (from 0.18 cents to 0.13 cents).

SGG occasionally changes their prices to reflect changes in exchange rates. There’s your solution.

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Last 6 months, the prices increased almost 300%… In March 10k gems were 349TL but now 949TL. This is not only about Dolar/TRY. SG assumes everybody lives in EU or US. In my country minimum wage is 350€ and dropping by the time. I can’t believe, they don’t realise it.

They also increased prices in Mexican pesos (MXN) in around 25 to 30%. As you wrote before, they assume everybody lives in US or EU, which is stupid. I find it outrageous and after this I’ll completely stop giving them my money and will turn free to play. Nice way to keep screwing us SG… Very nice

Last time it was when SG made fix for Turkish Google Play market. I think it was another change in prices from the SG and tax increases have nothing to do with it.

They absolute realise it, but they want more and more.

Stupid question… All things equal — what’s the “best” country to buy gems in?

What’s the “best” country to live in? :slight_smile:

In Chile, the prices of all purchases also increased by 30%.

I usually bought the double builder + Gems offers that appear every two to three months, but the abuse is already a lot.

FTP forever here.


How much does it cost to generate a gem? Do you have suppliers of inputs that raised their prices? The answer is no. The best thing for them was to pass the tax increase on the players and maintain the profit margin, in my country it was more than 20%, which is totally exaggerated. I will not spend more on my own.


same here, i noticed price increase around 20% from last month.

taxes didn’t change and also the US /SAR exchange rate didn’t change

challenge day 2 offer increased from 10.99 to 12.99
10k gems is now 459.99

i don’t know when exactly but last month challenge offer day 2 was 10.99

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I was tracking the goblin balloon prices and suddenly my balloon with 4 items rised from 3500 to 3900 (chilean pesos) :rofl:

It’s a sad thing the increased prices, I guess I’ll stay as F2P.

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