{OFFER} Gem Extravaganza + Bonus "Mystery" Offer -- Thoughts and Discussion

Prices are too high like for mystery and extremely low CHANCES of getting something adequate. Trash I can get for free in this game :slight_smile:

Same offer today? :blush: 20 char

Just had a look at a friend’s phone for the Gem extravaganza. Mine is £1.99 for 300 Gems his is £1.79 for the 300. How comes there is a price difference between us?

Android vs Apple will be the answer.

Apple is currently cheaper


the correct message would be

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Ah yes he does like to brag about his iPhone. So it’ll be that.

I’m pretty sure timing of this offer is not accidental :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: New event tomorrow and people are getting enough gems for 10 pull :wink:

Yeah, 'xcept the offers from Tower itself (assuming they are the same as for the Ninjas) are better overall than this.


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