{OFFER} Gem Extravaganza + Bonus "Mystery" Offer -- Thoughts and Discussion



20 no spends…


We are in a pandemic. Many people have lost their jobs. S&G offers us a few freebies at the start to show good faith during our lockdowns and #Playaparttogether. And increasingly so we are seeing more and more money grabs. Have you no soul? When will the madness stop? Too many popups


TGW: a few years back you could only get 100/$1 if you spent $100 – lower quantities were less per dollar. We occasionally got specials one time (purchasable one time, offered occasionally) and then occasional “deals”.

In hindsight, I personally should have invested in a mental health copays :wink:


I don’t think it’s really related. Just a bad luck.

I usually try to make price issues use a common basis, but… For about as longs as i have played, the best gem offers come out at $3AUD for 300 gems… I base all my spending on that metric.

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I started playing 2 years ago, so maybe they were giving me “special” deals at the time because I was a newbie. I didn’t really think they were that “special” myself, though.

Businesses have no souls. I tried to explain this to my government when they declared that corporations are entitled to the same rights as people.

Coca-Cola is not a person. McDonald’s is not a person. :neutral_face:

Next thing you know, I’m going to get arrested for threatening Alexa. :roll_eyes:

Man i’m with you all the way!! you know how a class action works? for this companies we need a lot of people i guess

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