{OFFER} Gem Extravaganza + Bonus "Mystery" Offer -- Thoughts and Discussion

Price in AUD, 1.99 USD equivalent (?)

Mystery Offer

Only revelaed when you purchase all 4x of the base offer. Thanks to Leo for sharing.

Price in Euro – 1600 gems for €8.99 or 7.99 USD

In USD, thanks to LordBunnyFoo for sharing on Line.


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Casinós and puzzles. We´ll see the gigantic bet companies attack this market.


Is that even a good offer? $ per gem seems to be quite similar to all other without making the calculation


The first four are worse than for example first challenge offer, as you get 100 gems per $ instead of 200… The last offer is more like it, but I am sure @Guvnor will bring his comparison table soon.

Edit: Buying it out would mean 2800 gems per 20$ -> better than what you can get from regular shop (would cost 30$ I think) but otherwise not great. But in my local currency the first 4 cost equivalent of 2€, so in that case it might be more worthvile …


Wasn’t planning to tbh haha :stuck_out_tongue: I don’t delve too much into gem only offers as the maths is pretty straightforward.

Just compare to the shop offers or one of the recurring offers :stuck_out_tongue:


€8.99 :scream:

Who’s working on conversion rates??


Yeah, wth is wrong! Today 1$ is 0,84€. This is just absurd


With the same amount spent you buy 6.5 offers from Atlantis and or Valhalla, giving a total of 2,600 gems and 162 more coins. In short: Of extravagance there is only deceit.


Bought the offers as it’s a reasonably good deal (2800 gems for $28 NZD). Only 400 less gems and 200 less coins than buying 2 months of Atlantis offers, and if you need the gems sooner than that (I did) it’s a great offer for C2P.

Was really curious what the mystery offer was after buying 4x… And it turned out to be more gem offers…

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SG is pushing limits of gambling laws to a degree. Maybe it is time to file a complaint about it as this game is available for kids also. I will file a complaint in EU this week.


I’m usually a massive fan boy, but I find this offer with an unknown product distasteful.


I’m a spartan poster on the forums but I agree @JonahTheBard. This just encourages more gambling. At least with the portals you know what you’re aiming at, and the odds. Even with the new chest in the shop, and our new goblin overlords, you see what’s in the ‘mystery chest’.

I’m beginning to edge more in the direction of “I’d quite like a day without a cash grab”. It’s becoming fatiguing.


When I saw the Mystery Offer thing, and no way to tell what this mystery is (yeah, that’s the “mystery” part, I know)… well I just sighed and shook my head, knowing what a backlash this’ll cause.

Yes, someone on the forum will have (has already, I know) posted what the mystery offer is… but it is the principle that is just so wrong. This is pure gambling. You’re needing to spend money to uncover a mystery offer. Think SGG may have just shot themselves in the foot with this one. Oh well, if they go down at least I’ll have more money in my bank each month!


Also it’s not first time they did this. I remember there was hidden offer in one of X-mas offers (the one that lasted 4 days or so).


Remember that in Europe, we have 19-20% tax, so we have to pay $1,19 when the U.S. has to pay $1. Then apply conversion…


This is part of the reason why I know longer play. It was getting too much with all the buy options…like, for goodness sake, I just want to play the game without a million and one (ok slight overstatement :grimacing:) pop-ups pushing me to buy-buy-buy.


With E&P it is quite simple; Stop spending money, but don’t stop playing! That is the only way to get some changes. I bet they get millions a year. What would happen if we all did not spent anything for a couple of months. Together we can make a difference!! #stopspendingmoney


Gem offers by themselves don’t interest me. More gems means more pulls which mean more disappointment. I prefer offers that give me something useful like loot tickets, WE flasks and actual ascension items. Any gems that come with those offers are just a bonus for me.


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