Offer for everyday playing

As all we know there is an offer if you are offline for 30+ days. How about similar offer if you are online same period?

It certainly gets my vote. Why wouldn’t you want to reward your dedicated and loyal customers?


There is an offer if you are a daily player it’s called vip. Which is a quarter of the price. Not to mention all the chest that you can open in a month as well

Because you don’t “need” to, they are already coming on daily there is no need to tempt them back

If you will compare offer from first post and “VIP” you will see what this is not the same. For VIP I created other thread

Yeah how bout a gem a day keeps the player always play :wink::wink::wink:

LOL they probably consider the daily summons incentive enough.

Even that’s too much since we can gain a 3* hero from it if we are super duper lucky! lol

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I know many similar games where player get gems just for finishing stages and cost of summons much low. This game is too greed.

W/o VIP you get 1 daily summon. So with VIP you get only 1 additional daily summon in standard (worstest) gate. Perfect motivation :slight_smile: Free and VIP - both worstest.

It’s almost too much …

Yes, we need 0.5 of summons every day (not cumulative of course)

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