Offer cost scandal

A member of our alliance in the USA recently posted a screenshot of the current 'epic offer and enquired if we all had the offer. Yes, we all had it. My big complaint is that we I’m in the UK and the offer was exactly the same, except ours is priced in pounds whilst theirs is in dollars, meaning I’m paying 125 dollars for an offer that my alliance members are paying 100 for! I think this is scandalous. Is anyone else paying in a currency that makes it either more expensive or even cheaper than my American counterparts?

It’s to do with taxes


LE Now that you edited your post with ss, I see what the problem is. Not fair, indeed.

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109 € in Spain… It is ridiculous.

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That makes yours 125 dollars as well. Think I should move to the USA if I want a cheaper game. Can you screenshot your offer?

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There are some states with taxes applied too. Here in NY its about $109 after tax.

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In Australia


An interesting article about the difference in prices (scroll down to the bit about VAT taxes in London):

I know this was covered on the Forum before. I’ll find and link that article for you. :slight_smile:

EDIT: Old articles about price differentials and VAT:

In app purchase update. Jan 2018

💎 New Offer – Share the Gems! What do you think of this?

And from SG, way back when:

In-App Purchase Price Adjustments in January 2018 (Android)


Thats for spain. I m not sure but probably is even worse in South America.


(899kn)-135$ in Croatia😡

So our Antipodean friends do better than us as well, with the UK paying 189 AUD. Thanks for the shot.Still think there should be some parity.

(R$ 379) = US$ 91 in Brazil.

Don’t speak too loud, standardisation may just be at the higher amount.

If you’re considering the largest offer, yet not content with the fairness, best to keep your money under the mattress. That’s where mine is.

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109,99 €/same prices in Germany as well.

RM399.90 = USD95.77
But still, its 400 for me

I’m not seeing a scandal here.


Not considering that, just using it as the biggest example of the disparity. But some of the big spenders, of which they’re many, must be paying a he’ll of a lot more than the equivalent in the US.

I don’t see why the price isn’t the same for everyone. Seems unfair that players in one country are paying the equivalent of 89 dollars and others 125 for the same thing.

Because of taxes as mentioned before.


What @AngelOfDark666 said.

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