Offer 29 june

It seems to me an odd offer .You can get 100 gems more in the store for the same price. The only value lays on the ascension mats , epic tokens and alliance flasks. I might be wrong, but aren’t there occasional offers where besides mats we get a lot more gems plus some battle items?

Worth it. 6th scope.


You’re correct. We usually get more gems per offer than normally available for that amount in the store plus mats etc. They seem to be testing out a new method which I really don’t like. I love the mats but I really don’t care about the epic hero tokens. That telescope though…sigh…

This is similar to the Grow Your Army offer, but I’ve not gotten that in a while. Gems + tokens made it worthwhile to me, and you can never have too many telescopes.

Love the calendar deals, small and large!

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I have Alasie (3/70), Magni (2/60), Rumpel (2/60), Kiril (3/60), Grimm (3/60) and another Alasie.

Before offer - 4 telescopes, 4 warm capes
After offer - 5 telescopes, 6 warm capes.

Situation looks bit better after buying this offer. This time gems were secondary to me.

I passed on this for the same reason I passed the 29.99 deal: they are squeezing some of the juice out of previous monthly offers and I am just cranky.

This is a good offer if you price all the tokens, but not as good as it was.


I’m cranky about it too. But I think my need for that telescope might outweigh my crankiness.

They seem to have utterly stripped the ascension item drops from titans and hero and monster chests and are offering up these $30 and $50 and $100 offers every week or two.

How £*#%ing aggravating.


Curious on the free spot this time.

Considering this 50+ offers, would be very hilarious getting some arrows again.

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I bought the offer coz my Alasie needed 1 last scope to ascend. I was able to summon a 4* green mana troop from the token though i needed another 4* purple troop. It was not a good offer, but i just did not wanna wait any longer to ascend Alasie…sigh.

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I bet it’s gonna be junk. Still a joke that the prices differ so much between American and Euro!

I really thought that this calendar would be like Winter Calendar but I was completely wrong…

I guess SG is trying to add more things to the offers and make the price more expensive!!!

In Winter was:

2.99€ - 200 gems and 3* ascension item

10.99€ - 1000 gems 4* ascension item

I guess we will never see another offer like that. Someone said in this topic that they are testing waters, pushing limits to see how far the players go!!!
If this offer is a success then winter calendar will be with 50 and 100€ offers for sure.

Next week is going to be gems + item

I believe next week we will see similar offers to this week. All 6 offers cost is equal to 10000 diamonds cost.

This is what really irks me. I don’t mind spending money but it sure would be nice if they gave us some GOOD freebies sometime!

They will never give ascension items free… They never did that!!!