Offensive/defensive 4* team

Hi Guys!
Could you help me make a best offensive and defensive 4* team for pvp with heroes I already have?

Green: Caedmon
Blue: Boril
Red: 3x Boldstuck (xd) , Gormek
Purple: …
Yellow: Jackal, Wu Kong, Hu Tao


I’m fond of BoldTusk and WuKong should prolly be on every team (follow instructions on the Forum re: how to use him)…

Someone smarter that I will come along and post an awesome line-up for you. I’m not good at that. :wink:

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Can you show me where instructions are? :frowning:

I just meant there are posts about WuKong allllll over the Forum.

He increases all of your heroes’ attack by +185% (for comparison, Boldtusk only increases it by +48%). He can make you miss -32% of the time (some say it feels like more!) but when he hits, he affects all your heroes and they’ll hit the bad guys HARD. This is the hero that helps players get 50k-100k against a Titan.

Note: “Miss”ing can mean that your heroes’ special also misses, just as it says on the card.

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Those are some good heroes.

While Wu is great, defense team isn’t his best use. You pretty much need to tank with him and that only really works for a short time before people have a larger hero roster (because then they have more purples and dispellers to use).

defense I’d do something like left to right Caedmon Gormek Boril Boldtusk Jackal, assuming they’re all 60. If you have the ascension mats to take only 1 of jackal and wu to 70, then do Wu and then do something like

Gormek Wu Boril BT Caedmon.

I’m also not a huge boril fan, so I wouldn’t take him to 70, but that also depends on how often you’re getting new heroes (either via spending or TC13/20). If it’s going to be awhile, then maybe take him to 70. If you have tc20 or spend, I’d hold off on using capes on him.

On offense, you can use Boril effectively vs teams with multiple AOE hereos (colen, hu tao, etc). Most of the AOE are slower so you can get Boril up before they fire and tehy kill or severely wound themselves. I did that for a long time as a way to fill my raid chest even if I wasn’t winning a lot of raids.


I have this heroes and Gormek(3.60).Now i am wondering which red hero to ascend to 4 tier - Wilbur , Gormek or Kelile or should i wait for Boldstuck.Wilbur is very strong hero , but i have only titans and i am not sure he will be usefull with them.I will use them against : Seasons (1,2) , WARS! and titans.
Thank you very much.

Wilbur is a good choice for titans. When you are in front of Aoe heroes you have to be carefull with him. Sometimes I prefer to go with Gormek for that reason. At your level I will say gormeck is your best friend.

Thank you very much for the advice.I am just wondering , should i wait for Boldstuck or go with the Gormek

Why not Boldy and gormek? Id say boldy first.
Boldys special stacks with Wu. So 48% +185%. Ill drop a pic in a bit.

Boril is a great tank. I used him and stayed around 2200 trophies. Boldy gormek and kash are all good tanks imo.

Look at that attack stat now, and the damage the red tile does. In a realistic move, I would have fired off boldy, gormek, azlar then Wu. Then per tile attack would be 1900+. I just wanted to show general numbers.
I found that with Wu on def, its more honest with its % to miss, where as offense it seems like 50%.

I won’t wait for BT, it can take a while to get him. And Gormek remains a good investment. I won’t say the same for kelile.

I have 18* telescopes waiting for 5* blue.

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