Offensive and defensive elemental Buffs

Why Don’t Single elemental buffs Stack with other single elemental buffs? They are different from regular defensive buffs only defending your hero from one element…

Each One holds a defense against or weakens defense against one element only.
These ones weaken defense which is great to use against Titans…
Panthers. -54% against Holy
Jackal. -54% against Dark
King Arthur. -54% against Ice
Falcon. -54% against Fire
Nothing For Nature At This Time

These Ones Protect Your defensive party from such elements…

Guinevere +54% Defense Dark. was 94% lowered
Domita +94% Defense Holy
Perseus +94% Defense Nature
K Kong. +94% Defense Ice
Kash. +94% Defense Fire
Boomer. +94% Defense Holy

You Would Think These Would Stack but they don’t. I think this is something that should be considered?


Thanks for listing these heroes.

Is there a list of heroes that have defensive buff like Wilbur?

they had this problem with elemental defensive debuffs overwriting each other and they fixed it.

Perhaps they overlooked fixing buffs? Not sure.

Wilbur is a unique combination of buffs/debuffs:

  • defensive debuff on all foes
  • damage link across all foes
  • defensive buff on all allies
  • damage link across all allies.

Other heroes with a defensive debuff include:

  • Isarnia (all)
  • Santa Claus (upcoming, all)
  • Athena (target & nearby)
  • Grimm (“)
  • Tibertus (“)
  • Gormek (“)
  • Buddy (“) (upcoming)
  • Valen (“)

And to finish of the list, also:

  • Ulmer
  • Gill-Ra

@l2ider here’s a list with all 3*/4*/5* heroes Breakdown of 3*/4*/5* heroes usability. It needs some updating, as for example Aegir is not yet included. I’ll do it some time later.

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@Kerridoc @TomV93 thank you both, I hope we all pull buddy as I heard through the rumor mill that he was the only non-slow Xmas hero.

After a couple of months of playing, I’m valuing this skill with average or better mana.

Finally got the trio ramming pulverizers, and valen recently. I think valen is more like a 3.5*

So with limited feeders, should I quickly max valen before starting grimm? I have only 1 cape and Triton waiting at 3/1.

Or get grimm to 3/60 and by then have 3 more capes to take him tier4?

As a background, my favorite part of game are raids and wars.

I would ascend Triton to 3/60 first. Perhaps, with luck, you will have the capes to ascend him to 4th once he’s there. I doubt that though, so to continue:

If your favorite aspect is raiding and wars you have to take multiple things into account.

  1. You need atleast 30 heroes to have 6 war teams, preferably 3*+. I understand that might not be the case, so before war starts I would recommend to save up on 2* heroes until you have 30.
  2. The 30 heroes for your war bench will automatically give you more diversity for raiding.

But in order to really excel in raids and wars, you will need quite a bit of heroes of each color fully ascended. This gives you the opportunity to adjust your team to the weakness (or strengths) of your opponent. Both in war and raids.

The fastest way to ascend a decent amount of heroes is to ascend 3* heroes. That would mean choosing Valen can be considered a good choice.

But obtaining as much ascension materials as possible, will give you the opportunity to ascend more 4* heroes (and 5*) to their maximum. Obtaining as much ascension materials as possible means you have to shift your priority to titans, special quests, events and seasonal events. That would mean choosing Grimm can be considered a better choice, as he’s simply stronger than Valen (especially at 3/60 ascension wall waiting moment).

There’s no easy answer, but I would say:

If you really enjoy raids and wars so much, focus on the special quests, events and season events first. While doing so, you will already create a more in-depth bench, which will help you have better chances at winning war battles and raids. With the ascension materials you obtain from those, you will eventually be able to easier ascend the heroes who are better used in raids and wars.


I prefer Grimm over Triton, but it’s true that Valen is like Grimm Jr., so Triton adds a new dimension to your team. I have three maxed Grimms and one maxed Triton; Grimm gets more use for my purposes.

Most 4* heroes are better at 3/60 than 3* heroes. Grimm 3/60 > Valen 3/60. While it takes more ham and feeder heroes to get a 4* to 3/60, that investment has the added benefit of being able to push the 4* on to final ascension when you have the rare ascension mats.


Thank you buddies, I’ll finish Triton to 3/60 then do grimm. If avalon wasn’t reflect blue I would have tried to quickly get valen maxed but it’s good to get feedback.

Can someone explain how elemental defense stacks with regular defensive buffs.

For Example: Anzogh +46% def against ICE, and Magni +63%. If they both go off, does that mean Anzogh will have +109% defense agianst ICE now?

All elemental links stack with other buffs, so yes. Also regular elemental defense buffs stacks with elemental links and regular defence buffs, so if you use Anzogh-Kong-Wilbur for instance, all heroes will get +63% regular defense and +203% (46+94+63) defense against ice element.

I thought you can only maximum stack 2 effects, which ever elematal buff/debuff or standard def buff/debuff which is fired 2nd would overwrite the 1st one.

Only 1 elematal +standard stack

Apparently, elemental links are an exception:

Ok that pretty much shuts me up.

Maybe because
1 is a standard special
1 is a elemental special
And the 3rd is an elemental link it bypasses the usual stack limits, very interesting

Yeah, I firstly noticed it when I was fighting a 11* holy titan using Kun and Dom together, while Dom survived 2 hits from him, that has never happened before :slight_smile:

And this one is also interesting, at least for me it was :wink:

That’s some chain your building there! If only fire wasn’t the weak stack against ice titans you’d be laughing

Unfortunately, elemental buffs are pretty useless in every color except yellow and purple. That’s why my Kong is still 3/70 and the only reason I’ve maxed Dom was, I was desperately in need of 5* dispeller.