Offensive Aliance: Bad Attitude against game's spirit after war

This is the first time we receive this kind of message in the alliance description after war ended, so we decided to go public with it.
This kind of behavior shouldn’t be admitted in the game, which is play for fun and entertaining. They only promote hate within alliances wich are clearly against Alliance Wars Spirit.
Hope they do it for the last time.

Thanks for reading.



@Kerridoc @Rook @Coppersky @Petri

I Google Translated the alliance’s banner message, and suffice it to say if someone posted the same thing in the forum or game chat, it would be censored.

Do you have any suggestions on how to handle this?

I looked at Clan description editing is not allowed to see if there was an indication of how that somewhat similar situation was resolved, but it didn’t really have any info on the follow-up. I think there was a more relevant thread from the “receiving” side of that banner message that may no longer be listed, so I don’t know if that perhaps had more info.


This was our first war against a juvenile-acting alliance who persisted in posted offensive messsges. Not bad enough for a ban, just totally inappropriate.

We chose to not take the bait but I agree, except for trying to ignore it and being gratefully we stompted them, there wasn’t anything we could do about their behaviour.



Now that being said we throw out Monty Python lines with minimal provocation. We also demand bacon from the Dutch.


As op of that topic, clan description etc. We v got the answer from devs: no discussion or info on such stuff.

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We also love a good sense of humour and clever sayings … we just don’t like messages regarding feminine hygine products and homophobic opinions!

When one of the co-leaders actually uses the banner to apologize to us, you have to know they realize their rogue member has gone too far.

Too bad they couldnt control his behaviour though. He still posted an inappropriate message until near the end when it was finally changed to a nice Helen Keller quote.

They lost two members during their war … i wonder why :thinking:

You never played shoot games, that ones you can use microphones isn’t it?
Now there you can have some really offensive behaviours.

Thats kinda cute, don’t even bother.

This is when I feel a tad childish and post:

hooray! we won! we won we won we wooooonnn! oh by the way we won. (Did I mention we won?) :grin:


Hi Winters! Indeed, a Southernism. :smile:


We weren’t our usually graciously winning selves but we stuck to song lyrics :joy:

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Even as a Canadian I recognize that joke … see, clever and amusing, not that difficult

Our opponent just amended their banner to say “player’s name” is a tool :joy::rofl::smiley::smile:


@petri please have a look here and consider whether action is appropriate.


Pablo, I’m sorry to hear that y’all have foes who have chosen to insult y’all personally rather than accept their defeat gracefully. Hopefully appropriate action will be taken, in the meantime… I’m pleased to see that you did not return the insult. Kudos for that. o7


Thanks for the reply. We did not consider to reply the aggression, we have salute and congrats other alliances in the past, just like a lot of alliances do it.
By the way, we lost the war, by far. It was a bad mismatch, 2 4.1k, 7 4k against no one with that kind of player in war (the only two members with that power didn’t participate), just to compare in part.

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Luckily for you, in our case they were much stronger, and lost by 400 points… But that’s part of the game, it irritates their behavior.

My Spanish must be worse than I thought, because though I’d agree that the language was explicit and juvenile, the PG version of the way I’m reading it would be “hey other team, prepare to win, I’m screwed”. Hardly an insult to the opposing team.

Admittedly my Spanish is only the very basic proficiency necessary for life in southern Arizona, and conjugating verbs has never been my forte

“Prepare to win the war, I’m failing”

I don’t get it, did I translate something incorrectly?

I got a different “f” word when I tried Google translate…

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