Offense rainbow 5*

What do you think about this offense team:

Hel/Kunchen, Mitsuko, Rana, Greg, Magni.

Good or average for raids?


I have for blue also Isnaria 4/80+5, Magni 4/33, King Arthur 3/70, Frida 2/38 and Richard, Thorne all back of the bus 1/1.
For offense I use Isnaria because if she fires after Kunchen she kills mostly all. But now thinking also to exchange here with Magni. What do you think.


Hel is 4/77 & Kunchen 4/80+7.


Now I use Marjana 4/80, but just started today Mitsuko 1/18 got also Anzogh, Elena and QoH on 3/70.


Till now used Inari 4/80+6, got Leonaidis 4/80 but don’t use it for offense except in war times. Got Ranvir 3/70, Justice 2/46, Rana 1/1 starting after I get Justice to 2/60 probably tomorrow. Got also 3xJooms on 1/1.


Greg 4/80+6, Elken 4/80, Morgan 3/70, Margie 3/70, Hatter 2/11 just started him. Got also Lianna 1/1.

What would you combine for offense? With team Kunchen, Greg, Inari, Marjana and Isnaria I was around 10 times in first 20 global raids but now I feel I can go more with this teams. Best team rank 9 place global raids.

I stopped to read there since your attack team must change regarding the defensive team :smiley:

My defense is Kunchen, QoH, Inari, Morgan/Hatter, Magni.

You should adjust your offense to enemy’s defense, not your defense :slight_smile:

Not only when in comes to colors, but also special skills. For example when you’re attacking team with Azlar you want to bring a cleanser (a hero who removes negative effects from your team) to remove burning effect Azlar puts on your team. When you’re attacking team with Ares you want a dispeller (hero that removes positive effects from enemies).

There’s no the best offense team, it all depends on your enemy.

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