Offense/defense lineup

I’m thinking of this rainbow team for my standard offense and defense until i get enough depth.

This is my hero roster:

Would you focus with something else? Or position them differently?

Thanks ahead for any suggestion.


You have psoiden. Use him. Riguard in middle.

Boldy is a FINE tank
Run Wilbur, Triton, Tusker, Caedmon, Li Xiu for offence.
Kiril, Li Xiu, Tusker, Caedmon, Colen for defense.


For where your heroes are leveling wise this is a good line up. Although I’d put Them in a slightly different order

Rigard, Li, BT, Caed, Triton.

Rigard to heal and dispel 1st, Li Xiu is tough and could even tank once fully ascended, BT is a good tank and if you toss an emblem on him has that annoying habit of reviving, Caed takes half damage from ice which is what most will stack to take out BT but is tough enough to flank. Triton will either hit harder with a buff from BT or will fire and make Rigards healing stronger.

This based on the AI always firing from left to right as the heroes get their specials.


Would u change li xiu with a sniper like chao?

This ^

Twenty times this.

The order of these is correct.

Red is weak against blue tiles, flanked by green which is strong against blue tiles. And so on…
Li Xiu is better on flank, not a wing. That us why this is the correct order for these heroes.


You could @AnRui, but personally I wouldn’t. Li is quite a bit tougher and hits all. If I did use Chao I’d put him on the wing somewhere.
I’m not saying he’s useless at all. I use him on occasion. I just feel that for the heroes you have and the level they are at this is the best lineup to roll with.
Once you get Chao leveled he can be useful, he’s fast so you can put him on a wing where he is better protected.
Good Luck!! Let’s us know how you are doing soon!!

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