Offending names allowed?

I want to complain about a player’s name, because I feel offended by its racist nature.
Today I was offered to raid "Muslimkilla"
During my 9 months playing I have encountered many silly names and some who showed a lack in taste, but this name definitely is offending and racist.
Be so kind as to ask the player to change his name or else…

Thank you.


there is a thing called a block button use it. and just reroll. or better yet beat him in raid and show him who’s boss.

It’s offensive definitely though not racist (is “Muslim” a race?)

Please block such players. They are not worth your time. :slight_smile:

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Muslim is not a race. My Muslim friend says so.

Maybe its a muslim who’s specialized in killing?

In all seriousness though, as said - block them and if possible report them. They’ve banned people with offensive names before but I doubt they check the names of the 1 million+ players that can all change their name, so it makes it easier if you report.

Curious about the “or else…” part of your message, you’re making threats in your thread now? :wink:

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Thanks for pointing out the block button with Loorts; not all players are aware of “Block” or “Report”. :slight_smile:


It’s not a race, because people of any race can be Muslim :yum:

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Resol is aware. It was the OP’s post that sparked us. :wink:

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This is the problem with the world today
…too many of you guys get offended by words. Bunch of pansies. if you’re not tough on the I side, how can you be on the outside?

Wow, had to dig through the archives to resurrect this old thread…:joy::joy::joy:

Since it has been resurrected… Were the suggestions to block the player really suitable?

I mean does blocking that player actually stop them from showing up in raids as a target? Does blocking the offending name ensure that the person cannot pop up as someone who raids me in my watchtower? What about alliance wars, are they magically missing from the field?

I have no problem blocking people (although I don’t get offended nearly as easily as others do)… I’m just wondering if the block button actually solve the problem in question which is “do I have to see offensive text in the form of a player’s name?”

Or was it just a way to shut down the conversation on the matter?

Any inappropriate content should be reported to us using the report player button in the chat. You can also send a support request if the situation requires.

Our Chat Rules & Guidelines apply to all chat messages, Alliance/Player names and Alliance descriptions.

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Non so dove chiedere come mai nelle stanze per chattare non ci siano moderatori che facciano rispettare le regole!!!

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