Offence creature fo using?

Do u have any tip for offense team. I kind of play around with the creature, but the hero’s just die on raid and season 3 even though I creat good stagety.

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Is Tiburtus without a costume maxed?

For now I’d try
Melendor, Li Xiu, Proteus, Kelile, Sonya


kelile, Proteus, lixiu, Melendor, sonya in this order.

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No Tiburtus without a costume is 3 stripes

for offence team, i usually use 3-2. from your rooster i choose 2-2-1 : Li Xiu - Kvasir - Rigard - Proteus - sonya

Rigs Mele Proto Nordri Chick

On offense it’s cool to take 2 or 3 heroes of the strong color against the opponents center or the most scary enemy.

I usually do not take the same team into all battles, I rearrange it to counter the enemies.

I like to play with 4 hero s with the same color. But it seem to me that it won’t do good.

Honest question… why would this order matter for offense? Defense, yes, but I didn’t think hero position mattered in offense (unless you’re using heroes whose specials only affect nearby allies, in which case you want them in between the other heroes you’d also want to boost/heal/riposte or whatever).

EDIT: I also agree that these would be the best current rainbow offense combination from that roster (at least until others are leveled up more).

you`re right, i was proposing a defense. I missed that the OP was asking for offense team.

FOr offense you basically pick depending on what you run against. So offense changes from raid to raid. An for offense i never use rainbow (i used to loong time ago, but not anymore)

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Thank everyone this help my acttacts so much. :star_struck:

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