Off topic discussion about whether off topic posts are off topic

Yeah I remember a similar scenario, turns out my limit is ~3 before technology becomes endangered…

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Have anyone try to flag a post in this thread as off-topic?

Nb: I just realize I can flag my own post as off-topic…


They say slow and steady wins the race but in school my Athletics teacher always used to say the fastest runner wins the race.

It’s a paradox I’ve never been able to solve.



It is like Noor vs Gravemaker against Telly.

If you cannot beat them at sprint, try marathon.


Sometimes the fastest runner sprains their ankle. :slightly_smiling_face:

ADDED: Or, you know, this happens…

Bronze medal! Woot!


The literal and metaphorical rarely mesh effectively for complex issues imo.

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This is true. Like the time I was told that money can’t buy you happiness but I’d just bought the single “Happy” by Pharrell Williams.


Oh we going deep metaphoraphysical and stuffs here… I like it!

And yes I know a lot of the discussion thus far has been tongue-in-cheeky (which I fully approve of :+1:)

But serious note. On the money buying happiness thing.

Money alone cannot make a person happy.
But lack of money can certainly make a person very, very miserable.

It’s funny how subjective that is, though.

For me, personally? I could be very happy earning 50k USD a year. It’s enough to pay all of my bills and to buy some extra fun stuffs on the side here and there. Not enough to live in a mansion or buy a Ferrari, not even close. But I don’t need those things to be happy.

Years ago I used to spend time on political debate forums (I know, I know… whyyyy? I dunno, guess I was a bit of a masochist at the time?)

There was a discussion about how in the U.S., they were considering raising the tax rates on people who earned more than 250k a year. My take was “yeah, sure, why not? anyone who has that much money is doing just fine, and we have a major deficit…”

Got a response from some guy.

“RAWR are you serious!!?!!??? My wife and I made 300k last year and we’re struggling to pay our bills!!! I have a 10k a month mortgage and 3 kids in private school, and leases on 7 German luxury cars!!! I iz having a hard time making ends meet as it is!!!”


Just wow.

First world problems much?


Is that like ultimate self awareness?? :thinking:

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Did you get a nickel back?

Sorry… had to.

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I got my first flag badge for flagging myself. :laughing:

Have also flagged myself a couple more times after that for lulz.

Also flagged a moderator or two for lulz.

Moderators be like: “I flagged you for being off topic”

Later, moderator posts something that is off topic. I flag them.

“I flagged you for being off topic, bruh” :laughing:


A friend of mine went temporarily deaf for a week following a swimming incident. He said it was a real pain but the silver lining on the cloud was he couldn’t hear Nickelback when they came on Kerrang.

Which was odd I thought as the clouds where white at the time.

I can keep going forever with these :joy:

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I, er, may have flagged him… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


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