Off topic discussion about whether off topic posts are off topic



That always gives me a warm inner glow when I feel down and that no one listens. Apparently they do from time to time.


Popular person!

20 bits of envy.


I loved your story! Next time don’t include the […]s! “Bless yer heart!” :joy:

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Is this what we’re calling heroes now? We’ve been using Vanilla for the S1s. So are Chocolate heroes the Atlantis ones, and Strawberry the Valhalla ones?

HOTMs can be Cookies & Cream,
Challenge Event heroes can collectively be Charcoal Unicorn (so rare they might as well not exist!)
Seasonal heroes can be Rainbow Bubble Gum


Ahh see but there be the key words:

Compared to the specific topic outlined in the OP:

AND it even lists a spot to go to for your venting etc…:


Flippant reply pointing out the fallacy that off-topic posts in an off-topic thread are actually on-topic.

(This was the meta thread-thread, wasn’t it?)


I like it!!

But now I’m craving ice cream.


there is never a bad time for ice cream!

wait, is it still off topic if I reply to the topic? should I change the topic?

There’s a butterfly in my living room!


I’m so non-conformist that I’m conforming by being on topic in an off topic reply about an off topic thread which starting on topic but went off topic and has on occasion been both off and then on topic again.


I’m pretty sure ash trees don’t grow everywhere.


Can we get flagged because of off-topic in this thread?


@discobot 20d2


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Hi! To find out what I can do, say @discobot display help.

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That emoticon is at myself for coming back to read posts here.

I believe my post did mention Goblin Balloon “loot” in the Goblin Balloon loot tracking thread? Then yes it meandered a bit into venting territory. Could’ve just moved my post over to the other thread instead of flagging it, yes? Because I was trying to make a valid point on the subject.

NOT that it would have mattered, because I had already been flagged as off-topic several times for complaining about Goblin Balloon on the actual Goblin Balloon VENTING post.

So… is there like a third level of Dante’s inforum for venting about venting where I can safely post my vents? Or is this post going to get flagged as off topic for venting about being off topic in another thread in a thread about whether or not posts are off topic?

Seriously guys. I :heart: most of y’all but I’m sick and tired of having my posts deleted all the time. It really really really makes me not want to post anything here ever again. Which I know is probably what many of you would prefer anyway.


Exactly my thought, but only mods/staff can move it, maybe the flags come from ordinary user?


Ahh if only… but the flag was approved by a mod. And also likely issued by said mod.

I tried to be a good boy here. I really did. I even censored my own naughty words. I resisted directly attacking people who directly attacked me.

Believe it or not, I have been holding back on my full thoughts when posting here, because my full thoughts are not fit for human consumption.

And yet… I still find myself constantly in trouble.


Yes. Triggered like when 6 kids on the playground teamed up to beat me up at school, then when called into the principal’s office, principal says:

“Why are you starting fights?”

“I’m not starting fights, they all ganged up on me!”

“Well I have 6 witnesses here who say otherwise… so it’s your word against all of theirs.”


Yeah. Okay.


I’d say four.

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Morning @TGW,

We love you man, but sometimes a little perspective might help with how your feeling :slightly_smiling_face:

You have written 6,300 posts

And received 28 flags

By my maths (which isn’t great) that means 0.44% of your posts get flagged. Less than 1:200.

You, my friend, are more likely to pull the hotm, per pull, than you are to get a flag upheld.

Yes, but that takes a bit more effort and we are also plagued by a recurring server error that blocks merging. So, perhaps no mods were able to deal with the flag more completely.

And also, perhaps, it would be really helpful for the experienced members of the forum to accept they got it a bit wrong and copy and paste their opinions onto a more suitable place? We would really appreciate that.

I get my stuff moved all the time because none of us know every single thread and another mod will merge my stuff, which is a bit embarrassing. But I got to take the medicine along with everyone else :face_with_thermometer:

Perhaps an even more pertinent is that you have received over 20000 likes.

This means that you have received over 714 likes to every flag :smile::heart:


Thanks buddy. :slightly_smiling_face:

It was really starting to get on my nerves though that nearly every time I typed a long, what I believed to be relevant, rational, non-angry type “rant/vent/criticism” regarding the goblin balloon, I got flagged. As if the balloon itself floated onto the forum to censor all of my balloon-related posts in balloon-related threads as being off topic.

How else am I supposed to express my dissatisfaction with a feature? Well, obviously, by not paying for it… that’s the first step.

But I’d like SG to know exactly why I’m not paying for it, and why I think it’s misleading for other customers who take the bait.

There is a portion of this community that believes that anyone who is deceived by the game, deserves to be deceived, because they didn’t read all the fine print and do their research before making a purchase.

Fair enough, I suppose… but I don’t like it when companies prey on vulnerable customers like that. And companies do it all the time! “Buy two, get one free” deals, but the price they’re charging for two is actually higher than the actual cost for all three at another store. Stuff like that.

“Hey that’s just business…”

Yeah, it’s shady business. And I don’t appreciate it. I’d appreciate it if SG spent their time working on other things that might actually benefit the community, rather than creating new “features” for the express purpose of trying to take advantage of people.

… and every time I point these things out… my post goes poof into the void.

Meanwhile… other times when I post stuff that is actually truly 100% completely off topic… that has nothing at all to do with the game or the topic itself… those posts don’t get flagged as off topic…? :thinking:

Just seems odd to me.

Side note: does what I’ve posted above qualify as off topic for this particular thread? I believe it is fitting in the current thread, considering that I am discussing being called out for being off topic in another thread where I don’t believe I was off topic, while also going into a side off topic rant about the topic that I was originally trying to be on topic for, in a discussion thread about whether or not off topic posts are off topic…

Long story short… am I gonna get flagged again for this? If so, just give me a heads up first, and I’ll move it to the appropriate place… do please let me know where the appropriate place would be, rather than erasing my thoughts entirely, because as much as I love to type - I do get tired of typing the same thing over and over again.