Off color titan synergy/calculation

Starting a conversation that I’ve been pondering about.

Currently the rule of thumbs for maximizing titan tile damage is to mix and match the following as much as possible with the maximum number of strong colors as you can manage. Items non-withstanding that is.

For example:
Team general attack up (BT, C.Rigard, Krampus, BK, Kiril, C.Gadeirus, etc)
Enemy def down (Athena, Isarnia, Buddy, Marcell, Frigg, white rabbit, c.vivica, sun shangxiang, etc)
Enemy elemental def down (G Jackal, G Falcon, C. Marjana, G Panther, Almur, P Fogg, Frida etc)
Tile damage bump (Ratatoskr, Jott, etc)
Team stackable attack amplifier (wu kong, ranvir, tarlak, miki, sergei, c.wilbur, etc)
Enemy damage amplifier - Franz
And then last but not least tack on any high tile damage strong hero if you’re short of any of the above in any particular color.

Now often time I run a 4-1 config, since ranvir and sergei are the only two i have of the attack amplifer, so for example, my current setup for each color maybe something like

Green - BT, Sun Shangxiang, Falcon, C azlar (for tile damage), Ranvir
Blue - Ratatoskr, C.Franscine, Marcell, Franz, Ranvir
Red - Kiril, C Krampus, Frida, Isarnia, Ranvir
Yellow - C.Rigard, Panther, Chessire cat, Killhare (for tile damage), Sergei
Purple - BT, C. Vivica, Jackal, C Joon (for tile damage), Ranvir

My question is, since all the damage calculation discussed had been somewhat fuzzy and at times contradicting, would an off color synergy be more beneficial than same color synergy w/ lower stats. Say for the purple team listed above, with BT serving as the off color attack up provider at a nice 48%, would switching him with say, Kara that only provides 34% but provide a strong color bump over BT, be more beneficial by the math?

The same applies of course to switching say, marcel/buddy out for isania for a bump from 34% 3 turns to 44% 6 turns def down (or franz to replace ANY def down for that matter), or say, miki in place for tarlak for that 30% bump on a blue titan, even though the titan is weaker against green.

Titans die by modified tile damage. Strong color heroes help considerably with that. I’d rather use White Rabbit on a purple titan than Athena for the regular defense drop. The big attack buff hero (like Miki or Ranvir) may be off color but the others ideally are strong color.

You can test by doing some mercing on smaller titans to see how it works out for you. A few flags of each lineup with you qualitatively adjusting based on the boards.