Of Wars, And Death

New dawn arrives
with rising sun
many fortnites
since battles won

I watch in silence,
trepid with fear
as figures tall
and gaunt appear

Their shadows crest
o’er the hill,
a war horn sounds;
the world lays still

Clutching sword
and shield in hand,
“hold the line!”
did I command

A thousand arrows
tore through the skies,
the silence defeaned
by the cries

In rode the hordes,
the wretched creatures,
donning cruel weapons
and wicked features

Their armies strong,
fast, and fierce,
adorned in armors
my sword could not pierce

“From what realm of hell
have these beasts arrived?”
I searched frantically
for those who’d survived

Finding not one,
I lay in the mud
Bruised and broken
choking on mine own blood

“Why cursed me so?”
I scream at the gods
as the enemy battalion o’er
my corpse plods

Just then heard the cough
of a fellow team mate;
I clamored to save him
though it was too late

His last words to me,
“thought this team would be smaller,
but I think I could swear,
those fellas seemed taller”

And right he was,
truer words ne’er spoken;
'twas clear to me now,
matchmaking is broken


Awesomeness indeed my friend!
Very clever :clap:!


beautifully written… and sadly descriptive!


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