Of these picks, what would be the perfect defence team?

Gravemaker, Guinevere, Liana, Isarnia, Marjana, Sartana, Joon, Richard, Vivica, BT, Kiril, Melandor, Rigard

There’s a few options here. Mostly I’m wondering if I should use both Guin & Viv? Unsure if using them both would put me at a disadvantage, however I would think I’d need Viv’s healing…?


Viv, Isarnia, Guin, GM, Liana


Viv, Sartana, Guin, GM, Liana


Sartana, Isarnia, Guin, Liana, GM

Even though she’s not popular in the current meta, Isarnia’s debuff can crush teams if it goes off, so I quite like her. My thoughts are that next to Guin, hopefully she can survive enough to go off, then it’s pretty much game over.

Of Sartana and Liana, I’m not sure… I’m leaning more towards Liana, only because she hits a bit harder.


I would go for team 1, but replace Isarnia with Richard. Of course Isarnia’s special is awesome, but as you said, it takes too long to go of. Richard’s speed is average and his att debuff will help you to make your enemies cry, together with Guin’s and GM’s special.
Not sure about Viv…she is good yes, but since she would be placed on a flank, she will probably be useless. I think Joon, Sartana, or Marjana would be better.

Guin is enough, so: Isarnia, Grave, Guin, Liana, Richard.
And Isarnia is a real beast - best regular 5* blue.

So double up on blue? Not rainbow? Surely Isarnia, GM, Guin, Liana, Sartana would be better?