# of pulls for any legendary hero

what’s your avg. number of pulls (counting any event) for pulling any kind of legendary hero except HoTM? mine is about 50 but it’s lower for HoTM that may be between 30-40 . I count also pulling even duplicate of legacy hero…
just want to share my experience and maybe find out how other are doing on pulls

Well, my last 183 pulls (only premium, don’t count silver tokens): 125 x 3*, 52 x 4*, 6 x 5*, 2 x HOTM.
A bit better than what portal stats say.

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Too much. 20 much characters


actually I do think that the chances are a bit better than the portal says :slight_smile: doesn’t mean they are still not quite though lol but 6x5 for 183 pulls is actually ok I guess . I hope it were a good pulls :wink:

On a more serious note: I’ve 0 S2 heroes, I did’t track these pulls but you can count all the coins given from completing the map, the ones awarded by titans, MV, etc back in 2019, and a few with gems. I got Aegir in september 2019.
I’ve only 1 S3 hero, I pulled with coins you get from map, with the awarded ones, and I did 5-6 extra pulls.
In S4 I’ve done 50 pulls in march, and got Horghall (meh). Now I’m at 90 pulls total, still 0 legendary S4 heroes.

Chameleon is the only legendary heroes from event I have (never tracked pulls), in NT I also did 2 x10 pulls, a few with gems and used all the coins (except for the july NT), I only got 1 ametrine. Did all the free pulls in tavern (except the last one), 0 legendary.


To be honest of late my luck in pulls from events has been pretty dire. As a result I have decided to go 100% free to play from the New Year. Not even VIP or POV ….
I have way too many heroes to max out and it’s going to take a couple of years to complete…. So I will play with what I have got and just have fun.
I have better luck with HA10, on my last bake off, I received Krampus…


I’ve had 180 pulls with no 5*, or 1 pull with hotm

I have similar luck -

S3, I only have Bera, and I’ve done all the pulls from free coins + one 10-pull. Math:

8 coins x 10 stages x 36 provinces = 2880 coins, divided by 100 = 28 pulls. plus my 10-pull, + assorted pools from coin drops, I’ve done at least 45 pulls (estimate).

S2, I only have one Inari, and I’ve done way at least 45 pulls if not more (never done a 10-pull, but Atlantis Coins are easier to get from Atlantis Rising + we had Atlantis coins from chests for a while…)

It’s very unpredictable: I got mother north with 3 tokens last year, this year instead, 200 or more pulls and dupe pengi (and finally mother north!).
I got seshat with 3 coins last year but I need a whole 30 pulls offer and 2 x10 to get c. gravemaker.
I’ve seen alliance mates getting five s4 heroes in just 15 pulls (x10 and 5 pulls with coins), or recently another one pulling santa and mother north with just 2 tokens!
At the end of the day the feeling is that the game gives you whatever they want no matter how much you pull. I’m just wondering how some youtubers get all those 5*s, just to name one: Neo. I know that I don’t buy every offer or spend thousands and thousands, but I’m really sure, a 100% sure, that even if I would do it, I wouldn’t end up having 5 Rudys or the whole family of heroes as soon as a new family is released.


Not counting HA10, I’d say the odds go up the less I play, it’s weird that way. I’ll go months without any, play less and less, and then get a 5* on free coins, then drops a hotm, then I’ll get another 5…

TL;DR- one every 6- 7 weeks
(I only did real spending during 2020, and I’ll maybe pick up a deal when the seasons come around. I get better luck on single pulls, and find 10/ 30 pulls to be gigantic wastes of gems.)

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I bought every offer the past 40 days because I was curious like yourself, how far could I get. The result…you are still typically short necessary items. So regardless, you have to earn them elsewhere or wait for the next offer to purchase. Glad I did it, was really curious how far SG would let you get if you went super hard. Your intuition was 100% correct. Cheers!

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On the other hand I have and so have my friends gone 200+ without a 5*. It really depends on your luck that day. Be prepared for the worst

Which year do you want? I’ve been keeping track for the last 30ish months… maybe 24… I don’t recall. But it is above the average…

I hope to pull Mother North with 70 tokens and one 30 pull :slight_smile:

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Odds are you wont. You would need a 1% chance to get her for the break even with 100 pulls. Odds of pulling a specific 5star are far less than that. You’re using less than 100 with a less than 1% chance. Hardly likely… but good luck.

Magic 8-Ball says “Without a doubt” :smiley:

Right… But you could pull 300 and not get 1 5*… And like me on super rare occasion… Get 2 5* within 10 pulls of each other… And a few months ago i got 5 5* within 25 pulls… It was ridiculous… So… Sometimes… The game doesn’t make sense.

Of note… I expect a severe regression to the mean and I’ll likely not get another 5* for the rest of the year.