Odin vs / Drake Fong , who is better?

For everyday uses. Who is more suited to get you a well rounded experience?


Is still drake fong the captain of the holy heroes?

I think odin is slightly better due to mana buff for all allies.

The fastest mana all ur team get, the more chance u will win the battle

If you have Frigg, 100% Odin as both hero’s on same defense limits attack possibilities greatly. As you can’t leave too many green or yellow tiles on board.

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To me, Odin is the best yellow defender at the moment. But if you want a hero for titan or raid attacks, Drake should be the first choice.

Totally depends on the tank you’re using.


I prefer drake on offense, Odin just feels like he’s missing a little something there to be a really solid support hero… defense is pretty close and I’d use neither on a titan and neither on map gameplay or events but would lean more towards Drake as I find blind more valuable then mana gen… generally.

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