Odin vs Drake Fong Poll

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Who do you think is more impactful?

I always thought Drake was the most balanced Holy hero for Offense and Defense. I think Odin holds that crown now.

As of now I’m the sole drake vote with low sample total. I voted Drake as because I find him more valuable on offense. Mana buffs are too “weird” on offense for me to vote Odin.

If it were defense alone then I’d easily vote Odin. But universally I’d rather have Drake.


It is like comparing a Ford Pinto to a Ferrari. Odin by 3000%

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Wow. I honestly thought that Drake still has really good usage.

So, of the other 15 holy heroes that are not as good as Drake, what’s worse than a “Ford Pinto”. Terrible comparison


Okay maybe an exaggeration, but Odin does more damage to all enemies than some snipers can do to one hero. He is way OP with his stats and his maximum special damage. Drake’s damage does not come close. I’d rather face any other yellow hero than Odin. Drake does not make me want to re-roll ever but Odin does

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Since I’m clearly in the minority here, someone want to elaborate on what makes Odin so much better?
Hit all? Mana boost? Realm bonus? Base stats? Paladin? Combo of all?
Does everyone like him that much better if this was an “on offense only” poll?

Fair enough. I don’t want new members to think they got a turd with a Drake draw. Plus both are much better than my current yellows so I’m a wee bit jealous.

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I voted Odin because he’s such a beast on defense…but Drake can definitely be impactful with the blind and fast damage to 3 at 270%. If he causes a miss he can certainly singlehandedly win a battle. Drake is a close second here.

Odin is the shiny new toy. Drake is still REALLY good. Personally I just bring Ursena and most times I can get her to fire. Once I have, I just dump tiles into Drake, Odin, or whatever attacking yellow they have and then I watch that hero die. It’s great!

Frigg is MUCH more of a pain.

I would choose drake if odin nerfed to dead by SG just like vela, but not right now

I still fear Drake more than I fear Odin, that blind is no joke and always seems to proc at the absolute worst time possible.

Also, him being a monk with that 30% withstand chances means sometimes you can’t even put any ailments on him to weaken/slow him down.

For a balanced hero, sure, its Drake. For OP broken hero, of course, Odin. That’s why he was ner.fed. And many much more will come against those S3 heroes. You know players and forum users here. We love to rant and complain until SG bends to our will, to the detriment of our beloved whales and heavy spenders.

Drake still for me.

EDIT: So the word ner.fed is included to those posts that needs mod approval, eh?

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