Odin or Aouda

Would like to know which hero you would choose to ascend to final tier. Thanks in advance for your advice.

150% Odin. This is a clear choice.


Agreed. I expect >80% of answers to be pro Odin.


20characters of the all father



I’ll take your 150% and raise you 180%.

Odin does more stuff to more heroes and will have a much bigger impact in a match than a strong sniper


You should definitely go with Odin.

Viz, Auoda, I agree with Odin first 200% :grinning:

though I have Odin, Prof. L & Caitlin @ 3/70 & got my 6th dart a week back… I feel to do Odin to pair with my FriGG & create the same old defence pain, which I have faced for almost a year now :rofl:

I’d love to have Aouda, but there are other snipers out there. Odin fast mana and hitting all with that mana boost. He’s an E & P God.

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Just for argument sake; even when Odin’s damage is highly dependent on yellow tile?

if you have frigg then Odin is 1000percent for sure , husband and wife deadly meta!!!.. if you have no frigg i think same as above 150 percent still go for odin!!

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