Odin needs a nerf

I’m here to play devil’s advocate because there is a nerf thread for Frigg (whom I have and agree she needed to be nerfed) but not one for Odin. I understand that Odin has already received a nerf, but I have found that it isn’t enough. I’ve faced him and saw him fire with only TWO yellow tiles on the board and he still dealt over 200 damage to three of my heroes. There were no ailments on them, so I was confused as to how he was able to do that. The amount of damage he does is too great, then add the fact that he increases mana team wide and he becomes a broken card. To put things into perspective, Khagan’s costume only gives 12% mana to the entire team and he’s a slow hero, so the fact that a fast hero like Odin can potentially double that at fast mana makes ZERO sense. The developers need to start addressing these types of disparities.

And a note to those who continuously defend these OP heroes due to self interest, there’s nothing you can say to me that 1). I haven’t already heard or 2). That will make me change my mind. Odin does too much for his mana speed. Point blank. End. Add the period!

Odin has already been nerfed once. Frigg, too.

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Not really worth having a thread to discuss things if people have a totally entrenched position.

How about we have an open minded debate instead, or just keep our thoughts to ourselves?


I partially agree. I think it would have been balanced if he had average mana speed.
Even if he or Frigg are the last ones on the defense team, they are one of the heroes who can defeat the offense side, so you can play with tension until the end. Challenging raids are welcome, so he’s fine as it is.

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Unfortunately, most of us have an entrenched opinion.
That’s why every…single…thread on here turns into a slogfest.

And on that sentiment, ‘ding’ let the games begin.

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I have tried in the past by using logic and reason, but people often voice an opinion based on self interest. I am not one of those people. Looking at this with objectivity, if Odin can kill your entire team by himself after firing twice, there is a problem. Anyone who thinks otherwise, I have nothing to say to them. This thread is more to create awareness of the issue, rather than discuss if there even is one.

Just only one thing to say. There are people who nag, and people who overcome. The latter deserve respect, the former deserve pity. My condolences to you…

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Ok, that’s duly noted.

I shall close the thread in that case, as you have made your point but do not wish to discuss it :slightly_smiling_face:


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