Ode to Loot! [Poem, Art]


I’ve penned a verse on the topic of loot:

From Rathwood up to Shaguadin, I searched for luscious loot
Some blades, a cape, a ring or two?
Even a tall boot…
I raided once, I raided twice, I tried my very best
To daily bask in the emerald glow of overflowing chests

And even then I craved more loot
So with heroes at the fore
I joined a great alliance
And we went to bloody war

But what was this? Foul treachery!
Our army all depleted.
As arrows fell from darkened skies
I read the word ‘defeated’.

But I will not cower, or be afraid,
I do not easy frighten
My mighty heroes reassemble
To down the brutal titan!

Perplexed again, the beast is slain
What treasure does it yeild?
Rotten ham, a dagger and a measly WOODEN SHIELD???

So to the forum, off I march
And vent my anger to the fandom.
The truth, cold and hard, dear friend.

The loot you get is random

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Exactly. And great poem by the way!

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Thank you, mighty Rook.

I did one on raiding too, if you didn’t see it.


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This is bloody awesome lmao


LOVE :heart:️ it! Great verse made my Saturday thank you :blush:


This need to be split off an moved to the community section so more people can find and enjoy it.

Opinion @Rook, @JonahTheBard ??

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Thanks dude, it got good reviews so it’s got it’s own spot. I’m just happy to have entertained a few folks :slightly_smiling_face:

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Moved. Looking forward to new poems! :grin:

EDIT: For a sample of her short-story work, see here:

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That is really good…you are very talented!