Ode to Guin

24 hours in a day
24 raids to play
The tanks should vary some
But there is only one
Guin is her name
Guin is the game
For if you want to play and your cups to stay
Then when you log, make your tank a Guin.
The farming is the same
No matter the level you play
Now raiding has the same tone
With a guin tank everywhere you roam
Please SG hear my plea
Buff Boss Wolf and just maybe
We’ll perhaps see another tank
Instead of yellow queen of rank.

22 of my last raids were against a guin tank.


LOL Hail great tank queen of the raids Guinivere!!!

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Aegir was gonna be the new King of tank but I’m pretty sure those who have Guin complained in beta testing of how powerful he was and they decided to nerf him so now he’s just average.

You never see those who have Guin complain. But as soon as they see their beloved Guin in danger of losing her title that’s when the complaints come out.

You would think with all the complaints (most of them coming from P2P players) SG would listen to their paying customers and either nerf her down or create a HOTM that compete with her as far as Tank durability.

Dont expect any change this year…and hope for change next year.

Too many personal attacks on guin, not in poem format, 0/10.

Hold this formatted L

Aegir is not even avarege in the defense team, he s absolutely trash

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