Ode to Alliance War [Poem, Art]- This place is a zoo

Ode to Alliance War [Poem, Art]

Mammoths are blue,
Dragons are red,
Our alliance rocks,
Our opponents are dead.


Great stuff. Are blue mammoths a rare titan?!

Don’t know. Thunder Unicorn ( reflect blue ) is the first rare titan discovered.

Looking over the list again, the Devs really like rampaging monsters of the lizard family. I almost expect an April 1st titan to be a giant chicken.

A rooster on the roster? That would be superb.

Poor old primal lizard looks like Godzilla really hit the carbs after his last movie.


blue mammoths, sadly, are not rare… can’t even serve the steaks rare - they are very tough eating…

oh dear… I have caught the poetry virus and apologize in advance for my poor efforts…
blue mammoths, sadly, are not rare,
to serve their steaks I do not dare,
as great displeasure I must then bear…


actually, a rare chicken titan was seen sowhere… :slight_smile:


Lovely images, but ‘Dragon Rooster’ is a weak effort - the correct term is a Cockatrice, I believe:


seems to get mixed up with a basilisk in some references… maybe E&P just wanted to avoid that…
But thank you for providing some lovely background. :slight_smile:

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Well the problem with the basilisk is that it was pillaged by jk Rowling for Harry potter 2, so many casual fantasy fans will expect it to be a snake.

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Fair point @witch, the basilisk can be quite snakey.


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