Odds of getting my wilbur during atlantis

Ive pulled around 200 pulls since i started playing took forever to get proteus and he is awesome hope for wilbur before the next year :rofl::rofl:

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It is an assumption, and a hard one to confirm, since it would take a LOT of measurements to confirm that each of the nine Atlantis 4*s are actually 1.66% chance per pull.

But I fail to see how SG would benefit from this or why they would try to do so. Figuring out which ones are “more desirable” and which are “less desirable” and figuring out how much to weight things toward the “less desirable” ones sounds like … an awful lot of work on their part for very little benefit, and a risk of really pissing off a lot of players if it does come out!

Remember, one big reason for beta testing is that SG doesn’t really know which heroes are stupidly powerful/useful when used in which way with which combination of other heroes, and which are really underwhelming / nearly useless … not until players start using them / exploiting them. If you don’t believe me, look at how often heroes are “rebalanced”.

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Sure, but after a while you can say “Everyone wants Wu, let’s turn him down to 1% and spread the rest of that .66 around”, not hard at all in code.

I agree – coding it isn’t hard, 'tho code with all those “special cases” does become fragile and more easily broken when something else is updated/changed like adding another hero to the pool, so there will be a cost down the road.

More important is how many players would be incensed if something like that came out, and that seems like a terrible risk to me. (But I’m not making these decisions and know absolutely nothing about the people who are!)

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Yeah, it’d probably just be a weight assigned to each hero, default to 1 or whatever. When they want to turn down Wu, they set the value to some percent of whatever the default is, then when deciding who was rolled just add the total weights, multiply by something RNG friendly, then convert the weights to selection bands.

It seems like one of the things I’d throw together for fun if I was on the team. But quite honestly, they probably don’t need to. Even with even odds there’s going to be enough people looking for so-and-so and what’s-his-name to make it look biased.

Well no wilbur yet but i did pull Athena maybe my luck will change today fingers crossed lol

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I wish you luck :slight_smile: congratz for Athena!

Got my fourth Wilbur yesterday and 8 3* heroes…it seems the pulls need some balancing -.-

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I agree i think that if you use atlantis coins you should only pull atlantis heros lol just pulled another karil looks like a good snack for Athena :joy:


I kinda agree too. But I did get a Boldusk one time . Better than any 3* hero so I’ll take that .

I’m looking for my Wilbur also… saw a fancy red portal lightning and I started to bite my nails and boom!!!

it was 3 * another Namahage


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