Odds of getting my wilbur during atlantis

A year of playing and dying for Wilbur what are the odds of getting my savior lol

0 at zero pulls, and slightly increasing from there. Without resorting to that “Fake Math” favoured by the Mainstream Admins, i’d guesstimate that at 200 pulls you are better than 95 percent likely to get him.


There are 9 Atlantis 4*, and a 14.6% chance of pulling an Atlantis 4* on a single pull. So that’s a 1.66% chance per pull.

The 50/50 point is 60 pulls

10 pulls: 15% chance (an average of 1 in 7 will get him in a 10-pull)
30 pulls: 39% chance (an average of roughly one in 3 people will get him in a 30-pull)
100 pulls: 80% chance (an average of 4 in 5 people will get him by the 100th pull)

And the 95% probable point is 183 pulls

Just as a warning, though: if every daily active player in game did 183 pulls, over 8,000 of them still wouldn’t get Wilbur.

So set a budget you can live with even if you don’t get Wilbur.


Thanks alot for the odds

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Amen to that. Here’s a Wilbur in case you don’t get it elsewhere. :pig2: :joy::rofl::joy::rofl:


That assumes all characters are equally weighted within their star bracket. We have a 14.6% chance of an Atlantis 4*, sure, but it could be weighted within that bracket towards less desirable characters.

I don’t believe there is any reason to think this is the case.


I’m rooting for both you AND me to finally pull Wilbur. Good Luck!!


I wish you luck for Wilbur and me luck for Proteus :slight_smile:

Yes please - a Proteus would be grand and a tarlak too if it’s not asking too much :wink:

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I just got my proteus last month. Takes a long time when you don’t spend a lot

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I have proteus would love tarlak but want wilbur more :rofl::rofl:

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I have Wilbur and like 3 Tritons and one Agwe. Wanting Proteus, but having to do hard levels to get the coins now… I’m at 300 coins, hope that Atlantis Rises gets me to 400…


Sitting on 700 coins plus the atlantis offer hoping to pull at least 10 times maybe ill get lucky

Ummmm… If you don’t get him in this Atlantis portal , let me know how it’s like on the other side. :joy:
#heavenisnttoofaraway #otherside-rhcp

But on another note, red heroes seem to evade me a lot , as holy ascension materials . I would like to get Mr Wilbur myself as he’s yet in my roster …so let’s see what happens this Atlantis season :sunglasses:

Red heros evade me as well i have yet to get a 5* red im drowning in dark heros tho and desperately need a truck load of trap tools :rofl:

i’m waiting for he too.
but, got i completed all stages.
have i no many lucky for he.

Over 150 pulls and still not get him …

I got him after 1 year of Atlantis. With coins that was about 90 pulls total since Atlantis started.

Gobbler I got on my first ever Atlantis pull (yay! lucky me! :poop:)

Still no Triton, no Proteus. And no Agwe but idc about him (watch… I jynx myself and next Atlantis I’ll get 4 of him lol)

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I have 3 (without spending too much)…can I trade one for Proteus? :joy:

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