Odds of Getting Loot / Items / Characters

According to these guidelines, odds must be disclosured. EA lost millions. Just throwing it out there. I think in all fairness, developers should disclose the odds of getting particular items/characters/etc. This way people will stop b****ing about not getting certain things!


That’s interesting.
Always have the doubt that not giving information about odds to get a price it’s not so ‘legal’.

But even if it’s legal… Give them to their customers is simply an act of clearness.


Yes it’s important that SG do that. Mind you if Google don’t push it. They may not feel compelled to publish the odds. As this is a new sort of ruling it may take time for established games with loot boxes to get their act together.


I’m interested to see how SG will respond, but I feel I ought to point out:

We don’t purchase loot boxes. We purchase gems, then use those gems how we please. I’m not sure this ruling applies to E&P (I don’t know).


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I was thinking the same thing, that by only purchasing gems it could be a legal loophole.

Regardless, it would be nice to at least have the transparency of knowing odds.

I like seeing the impossible and then winning it. :wink:

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Tell me about it! Yesterday when finishing intermediate Stage 10, and collecting my troop token for level completion, I was greatly rewarded with a 4* yellow troop. Was so happy to finally get the yellow to finish the rainbow set! :grinning:


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