Odds of getting HotM?

Does anybody know the odds of getting the hero of the month? My understanding it’s that Elemental gives about 2-3% and TC gives about 5% for normal 5* heroes. Feel free to correct me if I’m wrong.

I don’t think anyone knows for sure, just speculation. The closest statistical data is the TC20 thread about 5s and as you said seems to break out somewhere in the 5% for a 5 but varied results across the board. As for HoTM peoples observations seem to be that rolling the HoTM has a higher occurrence than getting a normal 5 to drop.

I say this next part only as an example to the crap shoot that is rolling heroes. My statistical data for February is that so far I’ve done a ridiculous 226 pulls and I still don’t have Zeline. Others have gotten her with a single x10 pull or even a single epic hero token. It’s all chance and you might win big or lose big. I mention this as a potential you have to prepare yourself for. Let’s just say I was not mentally prepared, ha ha.


I did two 10xsummons and ended up with twin Zelines and for the last weeks I am busy to find a second name to keep them apart :wink:

But for the same luck I didn’t get any glimpse on natalya and I tried even a bit harder.

20 : 226 summons. For me it’s more about luck than about statistics. But I am mostly F2P, so might not have a serious enough view on the matter.

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In my Alliance a guy got Zeline on 3 elemental summons, another on a x10 elemental summon, and another did not get her after 34 summons… its really random

You can get a bonus draw on bonus draw - one pull with two Zelines. Saw a screenshot from ali member. I got one after 9 x 10 pulls…

226 pulls ouch - I feel hard done by at 10 pulls with nothing ! . I thought that your luck was so bad I computed it , and the chances of that happening are actually 1.2 % ( assuming Hotm is 5% chance of the bonus pull), so sadly , not that unlikely at all ( sorry I know that doesn’t help)

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I don’t recall ever seeing odds on the HOTM. I would not assume same odds as from TC20, which are known.

I receive Epic Hero coin and use it and get Zeline.
So for me it was 100% chance to get it :slight_smile:


I got HotM in my very first summon when I started playing the game.

After that I did around 15-20 summons, getting only 4*s.

In february i have Many luck By getting the hotm

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