Odds in Raiding friends

I’ve been playing now for a long time and i have never raided anyone i know. Just wondering, if at all, this will be possible.

It is possible as long as you’re not in the same alliance (see Fighting familiar names).

However, the player-base is also very large for this game, so rolling someone you know in raids will be very unlikely since there’s tons of other possible opponents too.


Awesome thanks, my bad, didn’t know where to look anymore. Be copl once in a while to have a special raid thing

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My favorite WTF I know this guy moment is raiding against someone you’re warring against… how in the RNG did that just happen?!

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I’ve been raided by the same guy twice in 3 weeks, he must have been spewing; he lost both times…

Had the have been licking his chops that second time too!

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