Oddity with 0 score titan hit, and alliance flag refresh

Hello i was looking to get some help about a bug that i had. I know there is a category for this But i can’t find a way to write on that section. My problem is i attacked the titan more than a hour ago and i don’t had connection problem but after when i come back on the game i see a my 0 point attack on titan and my alliance power recarging don’t match that time. I upload some screenshot

Sorry about my english

@untizio, I moved your post to the correct section. I’m headed off to work, but will pop back on with an image for how to start a new topic for you.

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Ok thank you i go check it

Is it possible that when you had your 0 score attack, that the clock on allianse flag was on 02h 20m ?

When i see the problem the 0 attack was at 5 min ago and the alliance power recharge at 2:35

I even remeber my attack score during the day: 3 morning attack i was 19000 damege, one attack aroud 16 oclock about 4000 damage and than before the dinner around 7000. Now my total damage is 25000 so missing the last one.

I do have the same problem and it has happening more then Once?
Did just take a Picture of the last one

Just for info, the game crash after it When it happens

I see this when a device loses its internet connection. This FAQ article may help:

If you are still having issues, scroll down to the “Submit a request” link at the bottom and contact Game Support. :slight_smile:

I have a reliable network… That’s not it.
Happened on different networks… :wink:

This link is now available on every FAQ article. Thanks.