🕵 Octros – S4 Hero – 5* Fire / Red: Thoughts, Discussion & Summon Results with Feedback

I pulled this guy and costumed Wanda. I’m torn on who to give rings to. Alliance mates are saying he will be meta for defenses and equally great on offense, but I’m not completely sold yet. Definetely hits hard at 340% and attack down on a red hero is something my roster lacks, but the average speed is a huge setback on offense.

Wanda is solid and pairs well with Elizabeth, because of the healing steal. I think she would be a great addition specially for wars, even though I already have very fast status ailment protection in Garnet. I also have about 1000 idle sorcerer emblems.

Octros on the other hand offers a heavy hit (depending on tiles) and attack down at average speed. My red roster lacks both. But at average speed, this tile dependent special does not impress.


If you like killhare I can see Octros playing a similar role.

It’s interesting comparing Octros to Odin and Frigg. Octros does more damage, but at a slower speed and what I’d call a worse secondary effect.

I also compare Octros to Liz. Octros does more damage up front. If you combine damage and health blocking they deal similar damage in my mind. Again Octros has a worse secondary effect.

I’m sure I’ll get crushed my Octros a few times but I don’t expect to see him on too many defenses.

For offenses, those that love a boldtusk, Wilbur, falcon mono team will get use.

Id level him if I got him, but I’m not going for him and wouldn’t be too excited if I got him.

Should’ve been fast like Odin and Frigg with less dmg. Or make Odin an Frigg average with more dmg.
I didn’t get him, but seems pretty “average” to me.

I’ve shown this type of analysis in a few other Hero threads, but Octros looks to have the possibility to be the highest overall damage dealer I’ve looked into. Filtered below high-to-low by speed-adjusted total damage:
Yes, it’s conditional damage but I think having 0-2 red shields on the board would be quite rare so he/she is generally hitting at least as hard as Anzogh, most often at G. Kong / Killhare level and occasionally (8+ tiles not being that hard to achieve!) at god-level, enough where a defensively paired Morel + Octros and follow up slash hits is killing a majority of your team.

A few acronyms from the chart: CP = Card Power, TTK = Toughness to Kill, D2A = Damage 2 All, D21 = Damage 2 One, D2A-Speed Adjusted = D2A / Number of tiles to charge. D2A-SA is one of my favorite metrics for damage dealers as it includes both DoT damage and mana speed compensations


Is Cristobal eligible to be included in that analysis?

He doesnt require many tiles to have a huge hit, and he gives attack down, as a fighter. Frigg and Odin are dependent on tiles, and they do just fine lol. He is a better Killhare, and Killhare is also a great hero.

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Tell me about I did a double check when I saw he was average. Even with his slight increase in stats/special I thought it was funny that they decided to make him average compared too Frigg and Odin

Here you go… 2x charge only as we’re comparing 5x AoE hitters.

Cristobal is both the top and the bottom with that slow 2x Magic charge :laughing: When timed right, Cristobal’s individual damage to an opponent is a massive difference from Octros (590 vs 450 against. defense stat 850)…but nearly exactly compensated for by the speed difference in the way I calculated it. I feel like Cristobal’s duality (if you also consider 1x Magic charge- - ? Quadality ?) requires a human touch (i.e. offense) to be used with maximum effectiveness. Still a great hero, but I think Octros will probably be more reliably hitting hard on both offense and defense and a really good choice for war defenses considering the current set of buffs. the -attack debuff isn’t included in the above analysis either- just pure speed-adjusted damage.


Thanks, I’ll have to put both on Defense ;). If I pull Octros!

Then why did Frigg and Odin get nerfed and why are they still core meta heroes?

Of course a situational hero could be OP. If his card said that 9 red shields on the board when he fired meant you instantly win, would that not be OP?


What are some examples of non-situational OP heroes?

Both heroes are amazing. They both should probably get your next 12 rings lol. Congrats on your pulls! I am super jealous TBH lol

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Faster 5* Sudri with bonus attack down? Yes, please. This guy will be pretty good on defense especially I’d guess.

Edit: and just pulled him. Full pic.


I think Morel is wrong in your chart…he does 210% on the first hit, 180% after.

Unless you are prepared for him and take proper cards… Kingston turns this guy into a spaghetti. Same goes for both taunters. Thor’s blind will help. Precharging your healer will help.

It doesn’t mean this guy Octros is BAD but him being average means you can prepare for his hit. Yea if you are one of those who have 1 offense preset regardless of who you attack, he may cause you trouble. But if you put at least a bit thinking into composing your attacking team based on who you’re facing, he is easy to counter. With Frigg’s fast special your ability to charge someone before her was much more difficult, especially when she had someone like fast Odin charged the same turn. Even a turn more may mean all the difference in these matches.

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True, but if you have to prepare for 5 killers…who do you prepare for first?


Well the one who charges first.

I don’t see what this has to do with what you quoted me on

Possibly I misread or wanted to quote someone else! Sorry about that.

Just watched spocks video testing out this guy and I’m sadly disappointed. I pulled octros with three free summons and was really excited. His 340% damage is 40% higher than killhare but the damage of his seems weaker? I’ll still level and max him but I’m very ctp so my roster isn’t full of great hero’s. A week ago I got odin so I have a few premium hero’s but very few. I can’t figure out how his hit doesn’t seem to be on par with killhares when his damage % is higher???