October - It has been amazing

October has been the most intense month for me in this game. Everything has really started to come together. I really appreciate all of those in the E&P community that educate, share, and challenge what is possible. THANK YOU to all that share and an inspire!

This has been an amazing ride this month:

October 30th - Perfect Tournament - 25 wins, A Defense all week

October 26th - Killhare to 4/80 - 252nd hero maxed (52nd 5*)

October 21st – First player to reach Player 122

October 19th - 8th Place - Ninja Tower

October 17th - Perfect war (6 Flags/6 Wins, Defense cost 2 flags each attack)

October 11th - 9th Place - Legendary Fables of Grimforest

October 6th - One-Shot Killed 5 Titans One of each element

October 5-6th - Kill-shot 150 Titans inside 24 hours.

October (various) - 3 New Personal One-Flag 14* Titan Records:
14* Chaos Spider 148,557
14* Armored Hydra 161,577
14* Crystalline Colossus 129,597


Congrats on lvl 122. Amazing!

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Congrats! Thanks for the content as well, your videos are very helpful and fun to watch.

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Let’s open a new thread just to show how great I am and sell some useless books! Congrats

You are an absolute animal! Congrats man! Great stuff.

Congrat!!! deadlift will be history soon !!!