October HOTM: Aegir

Icy Resilience
The caster and nearby allies share received damage with each other for 3 turns.
Element link recovers 4% health for all ice allies for 6 turns. This effect can’t be dispelled.
The caster and nearby allies get +54 defence against nature for 3 turns.

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Sub par.

I really wanted this hero of the month when I finally got him I was excited. As I have been using him, I keep thinking more and more the the mats could have went to one if my other blue heroes better.

I am not saying he is a bad tank he is just sub par in relation to other heroes from previous months.

He is easily negated with clense, his team perk is only 3 turns which is extremely short lived, and his range is small.

Ideal tweaks (in my opinion)

Option 1: Leave as is but make it so it can not be dispelled. (Not ideal but if your not going to do anything else to tweak this would be the minimum.)

Option 2: make the effect team wide for the 3 turns. 3 turns is short and with being dispellable this option may be best as you can still over come the ability with skill and team building. This we have a red 4* (Wilbur) that life links and while still fairly new he is not dominating any raids by far.

Option 3: add another perk?
add a small Mana boost/Regen when damage is done? Or a brilliant like shield as well? Dunno just an idea. (Not really a fan of this idea, do t want to see a blue Guinevere or blue “insert hero here”

Aegir is not garbage just bad compared to other heroes in previous months.

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I wonder, does it apply to tile damage too?

Yes, it is meant exactly for tile damage.

Thanks, @EvilSmoothie, I wasn’t sure what normal damage means in this context. But it seems to me it’s just not enough for defense, is it? I mean heroes in defense attack every 5 turns, so they can miss this buff entirely.

I think they attack little more often?
But anyways, yes, normal damage heal has alway been pretty underwhelming in defense (with musashi), it is notably better in attack.

@argin yes it is possible for heroes to completely miss the 4 turn window and miss it entirely. Like said he is quite sub par

And yes only heals for tile damage not specials

+54% defense against nature makes him a tad stronger against green tiles (normally, he’d take double damage), so if attacker uses 2 or more greens his shared damage buff is actually bad, because flanking heroes will take more damage than they take without it, if I’m not mistaken.

Correct you could potentially waipe out the whole front row in 3 turns with stacked greens and a decent board

Yeah and when you’d attack with Grimm, you cold lower his defense by 34% :slight_smile: And with few green tiles vaporize all 3 heroes standing in your way :rofl:

Common devs please fix aegir. A Hotm should be exceptional considering he is harder to pull than any other legendary heroes. Even when compared to the 4* hero Wilbur, aegir is immediately put to shame. Wilbur has better specials and LONGER specials duration.

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there should be a thread thst compares the number of threads and posts that mention how underwhelming aegir is and how overwhelming guin is. might be a close race by now

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