October 2023 TENTATIVE Calendar (Trials, Rare Quests, Mirages Of Omega, Aether / Ascension Summon, Morlovia, ToL, CF1, Covenant Quest, W3K, CoE (Fire), Underwild, Goblin Village, Atlantis, CoK, Valhalla, Untold Tales, Dynasty Of Dunes, Costumes)

And just got a free PoG chest with FIVE aether crystals, I am good to go for x10 summon with the 2 5-aether-crystals free offers :heart_eyes:


I have updated my calendars with this additional Aether Summon on the 24th.


Did anyone see a Rare Quest yesterday (Wednesday)?

I got a Mirages of Omega quest (Limit Breaker Quest) but saw no sign of a Rare Quest (such as Frostmarch, Farholme Pass, Shiloh Desert etc).

Will the promised Rare Quest be arriving today? (Well, guess what — IMHO Probably NOT.)

I beleive they just simply interpret Omega as a rare quest now


Yeah. As @Ufeel commented, Zynga has updated their jargon: seems that Mirage is now considered a Rare Quest. :smirk:


When was this announced? It’s labeled as Limit Breaker Quest.


Well, guess what — cancel the celebrations; there was no Rare Quest :cry:

A failure to deliver on the hyped expectation which was created.


Yeah they never announced , but practically speaking, they seem to group them together …

Btw, According to @Zartanis , omega quest should come at the end of the month, and they shift earlier due to their Wednesday celebration announcement

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They did announce it.

Read this https://forum.smallgiantgames.com/t/cast-your-vote-now-for-rare-quest-day/329126/1

Sorry, but no, they did not. (Yes, I read that topic the day it was posted.)

That announcement says that there will be a weekly rotation, same day each week.

Mirages of Omega identified separately from Rare Quest.

Mirages will be in the rotation but is still not a Rare Quest.

The announcement was that on Wednesday (yesterday) there would be an extra Rare Quest.

If they had said something along the lines of “The new Rare Quest rotation will start on Wednesday with Mirages of Omega.” then fair enough; but they didn’t, they clearly stated a Rare Quest and then failed to deliver on the created expectation.


Maybe Zynga felt generous and decided to chuck in a Mirage quest cos those aethers would be considered more valuable. Maybe. :thinking:


Yes, Mirages of Omega is arrived instead of it.

I have raised attention to this for Staff yesterday.
Petri said he will ask around about this.

Ok, the rotation is started, but not with the promoted Rare Quest.


Yeah i think the same … Omega looks grander (apparently not for everyone :slight_smile:

:joy::rofl: those in need will need everything. Those aethers should fulfil more wish lists than a telescope.


please let us know what we can expect about it and all info about #52rarequest
thank you as always

I’m guessing we will see Frostmarch on the 25th, but it’s almost certainly a case of wait and see what turns up.

Another day, another update.


Awesome. I dont need to partake.


What a disappointment :roll_eyes:

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where did that pick up summon portal come from?

wasnt announced was it?

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Profit forecast must be below budgeted target :moneybag: