October 2021 TENTATIVE CALENDAR (Events: Trials, Rare Quests, Mirages Of Omega, Tavern of Legends, Atlantis Rises, Valhalla Forever, S4 Voyagers Of The Underwild, Mythic Titan, and Ninja Tower, Starfall Circus, Slayers of Fell Shadows, Return To Morlovia)

Thanks to all the people who update the calendars for the community. It’s hugely appreciated!!

Thank you, Calendar Creators. Appreciate your efforts.

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@VeryQuietly , thanks for the hard work , I think there is minor fix , It’s going to be Taverns of Legends not Costume event this month

That is not what the announcement says. ToL is bi monthly and is in November.

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Currently there is a 5 week gap between October’s Costume Chamber (tentatively 21st October) and November’s ToL (announced 25th November). So these 2 will either not be a strict 4-week rotation, or there will be further changes

The announcement says bi monthly. That means every 2nd calendar month. So the gap will alternate between 4 and 5 weeks.

Arabic calendar @Zartanis


I also redesigned my calendar taking into account the new information.


Thanks again to all of the calendar creators and helpers, especially with SG making it as difficult as possible. Love you guys and gals!


@Godfather1 @ArktikaTF @Kiiro @Zartanis

perfect all those who upload the calendar in the comments as I like the publication I will update the images and everything is updated from here up.

and again apologies to everyone for the confusion as in my rush to post I did not read of the future changes to come. that’s why the calendar was slow to appear

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Polska wersja kalendarza / Polish version:

Updated: 01.10.2021


@ratabboypda will you change the credit to @Godfather1 for the Arabic calendar, please. Thanks!


Thank you for all the hard work on these calendars. I post them for alliance mates every month.


Have you noticed the latest changes
in Staff’s announcement topic ?

Costume Quest is now replaced with Tavern in October. (Date range: 20-24)

So they swapped them.
And we will have Custome Quest only in November.

One more calendar change is expected by me later:
The date of the Alliance Quest will be announced when V42 is released.


Of course… We almost had it figured out and the calendars had been updated, time to change things again!


That was highlighted earlier today by another player. Another quiet change.

@VeryQuietly , @Zartanis thank you for the calendar and here some Updates , it’s confirmed this month we got Tavern of Legends !


Thank you very much Spanish candlestick updated as the new calendars come up I will post them

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Novo calendário em idioma português:


As always, thank you once again for the continued quality work that you and the whole Calendar Team do for the community month after month (and updated throughout the month too). :+1::+1::grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

I feel like this is a record for the most updates, this early in the month. :dizzy_face:


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