October 2021 TENTATIVE CALENDAR (Events: Trials, Rare Quests, Mirages Of Omega, Tavern of Legends, Atlantis Rises, Valhalla Forever, S4 Voyagers Of The Underwild, Mythic Titan, and Ninja Tower, Starfall Circus, Slayers of Fell Shadows, Return To Morlovia)


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في الثلاثاء، ٢٨ سبتمبر، ٢٠٢١ ٢٢:٣٦ Crew❤️KNIGHTS Leader (line id boolz_san) via Empires & Puzzles Community Forum <smallgiantgames@discoursemail.com> كتب:

Thank you! Great resource!


Thanks a lot guys! Valeu KIIRO. Tmj! :sunglasses:

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Thanks to all…
My guess tol will be next :slight_smile:


Like @VeryQuietly mentioned, our calendars are really tentative with our dates on a few things here, but we’ll update calendars as more information is solidified.


Find me on the Line App @Godfather1 as we’d enjoy the Arabic version to add. @Zartanis (my avatar here is the same on the app). Thanks.

I am afraid i cannt find you my friend

Will you add me please @zartanis my id is 3doleee

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Merci pour vos calendriers :+1::wink::grin:

serait-il possible d’avoir la
« Référence rapide mensuelle » d’octobre 21
en anglais ou en français s’il vous plaît ?


Muito obrigado pelo bom trabalho e pela partilha.

Thank you for the job well done and share.


Thanks for the hard work! Really appreciate it as it helps me plan my summon schedule every month.

For October 2021:
S2 - pass
Challenge event - pass unless new event. I have hoarded over 400 free coins waiting for new events (well some actually come from PoV which I have to pay for)
Costume chamber - pass unless c.Marj getting featured
S3 - will pull - all 3 featured heroes are good to have and I have none
S4 - depends on who is getting featured
ToL/Ninja - pass if Ninja Tower, for ToL will depend on who are the new featured costumes. Hopefully GM+Alby+Seshat combo.
New alliance quest - pass. 1% chance for event hero is not good but even worse when you need to use gems instead of free coins. I am trying to save gems for S3+S4 only
Halloween - pass. am saving EHTs for MN and Krampus in Dec/Jan.

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i believe Ludwig from the alliance quest is better than bera/freya so im going to spend all i have to get him.

I’m trying to understand and I can’t in any way: why does SGG keep secret what event we have to go through? The event starts tomorrow, and no one knows which one. Is there any deep philosophical meaning in this secrecy? )))))))
Dear calendar creators, thank you so much for your hard work! It is a pity that SGG does not help you in any way and you are forced to conduct investigations and use psychic abilities every time.


Maybe we should write a collective letter for SGG on behalf of the gaming community with a request to help the creators of calendars a little? ))) Can it help?)))

And this, by the way, is my calendar for Russian-speaking players


I dont think you can compare them. Bera/Freya are dominating the game at the moment with supporting heroes Frigg Odin. Only one slow mana Tank was good enough to last some time and that was Kunchen almost 2 years ago. My Dispellers are gonna have a party against Ludwig.

I have no idea what you want lol. Just download a blank calendar lol I’m sorry :neutral_face:
Or hold google translate up over the english one?

That is what we have in Beta right now.

When Valhalla Forever event started with 3 event heroes, then the Featured heroes were matched with the last Beta.

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Starfall Circus comes tomorrow, and Slayers of Fell Shallows later in October.

Tavern will alternate with Costume Chamber.

Atlantis Rises is shortened.


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