October 2021 TENTATIVE CALENDAR (Events: Trials, Rare Quests, Mirages Of Omega, Tavern of Legends, Atlantis Rises, Valhalla Forever, S4 Voyagers Of The Underwild, Mythic Titan, and Ninja Tower, Starfall Circus, Slayers of Fell Shadows, Return To Morlovia)

An amazing idea! Very reasonable and, in my opinion, easy to implement! @Petri I really ask you to consider this idea and implement it! :pray: :pray: :pray:


last time during ninja Tower event the odds when summoning were 10% a normal 4troop and 5% a 4ninja-troop. so, even when you used ninja-troops as feeders for mana-troops you got about 5% more Xp :thinking:
for 100 summons it would make statistically 23K Xp instead of 22K Xp :wink:
as I’m using mostly mana-troops I have only one ninja-troop leveld of each element. probably it isn’ worth for me to wait for the next ninja-tower for slightly more Xp

@PlayForFun, @Petri, I’m sure the Staff has an electronic calendar for internal use. They can make a public part of this calendar. It’s simple. And perhaps it can strengthen the internal discipline of the team. :slight_smile:


That can work too if Staff writes the list of events in text like bellow and publish it or send it to someone here (calendar creators, moderators or me):
Sep 30-Oct 4: Starfall
Oct 4 - 6: Mythic Titan
Oct 7 - 11: S4-Underwild.


As a lower level newbie I have come to rely on these calendars & thoroughly appreciate all the effort that goes into them. Thank you!


Just came here to echo the same sentiment: that you all do such a fabulous job with the calendar. I don’t doubt it’s easily taken for granted, but I’m almost positive most find value in this resource, regardless of the changes. & Anyone with sense understands that you’re no more responsible for the changes, nor privy to em, than any other player [would be].

So please, don’t pay any mind to those who judge, or get upset when things aren’t 100% accurate. As you’ve said, you’re only human (we all are), and really, what you’re doing is 100% unpaid work. So if, at the end of the day, you decide this is no longer worth the effort that’s being expended (again: for free, volunteering time), no one will blame you either.

You do such a wonderful job, and people across the world love this resource you provide, and appreciate it immensely. Too, think most would agree: put yourself first. Any added stress or headache is not worth it.

Either way, thank you (and the rest of those who volunteer their time to this project) for all that you do for our community. I know I appreciate it :heart::orange_heart::yellow_heart::green_heart::blue_heart::purple_heart:


I will echo some similar sentiments already stated earlier in the thread.

Transparency needs to happen. For the most part, we have enjoyed putting together calendars for those that want/use them. This month has not been an enjoyable one for us, unfortunately. Conflicting announcements, last minute changes have taken a toll.

To echo a proposal earlier by @PlayForFun (thank you for all you are doing on the forums lately), I think a list of planned event dates for each month @Petri could be relayed to @Guvnor and/or @littleKAF who help relay information/answer questions each month to us calendar creators, of which we are very grateful. This information could be provided mid-month when we start creating our templates for the following month. If something could be provided in advance so that corrections can be minimized, it would be appreciated and extremely helpful. We do have a good idea on Valhalla, Atlantis, Mythic Titan plus the Trials, but something would be appreciated. While November’s challenge event will be voted on, how will the rotation be moving forward?

Thank you for reading/listening.

Here are my updated calendars (English, French, B&W). I will be doing November’s post in a couple of weeks around the 23rd/24th.


SG released something saying that the players would choose the next challenge event…?

I have no idea what that means, or what it entails :sweat_smile:

Vague seems to be their style lol

Btw: This is beautiful; thank you!! :purple_heart::blue_heart::green_heart:




I understand SG doesn’t want to commit to a calendar a full month away, but many games have a clear calendar of events for at least the next 7 days or so.


Thank you all for your kind words - it means a lot. I’m a bit speechless actually at where this thread went while I was at work. I make the calendars largely because I enjoy it and sharing is a very nice side benefit. I am glad to hear they help the community so much. Calendar peeps are a great group and I’m honored to be counted among them.

Version Something or another of the October Calendar and Quick Ref:


Oh that it correct, thank you for the reminder as they did mention it would be decided by the players.


This is the revised Korean Calendar - Thanks to @Kiiro @VeryQuietly @Zartanis @ratabboypda.


[quote="[NEW EVENT] Alliance Quest “Clash of Knights” Approaching!, post:2, topic:250604"]
The next Ninja Tower event will be in November with new content added.

Any idea what new content will be added?

I too want to add my thanks to the hardworking, dedicated and selfless calendar creators + other players who help out with providing dates etc. It’s not easy, it takes a lot of edits (especially this month!) and I hope SG makes it easier for you…

and know that you are all very much appreciated!!!


If Staff do not give pre-limiary insights about it, then I will do it once this reaches Beta .

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I gave up on liking appreciative posts because I like so many and agree with all.

Your calendar is always the one I consult, as an English speaker. I do look at the others too, though, just to admire the artwork. Contributors here are so creative.


my guess is more ninja heroes or ninja costumes

Beta opened this morning- format of ninja tower now seems to match magic tower (normal, impossible).

Added three new 5 star heroes: Ruby, Zircon and Quartz.

Beta beat will have more info on these as we progress with beta testing:


Thanks for the calendars, they all look great!

It’s Oct 15th and there is no Ninja Tower, again, so I’m not sure of the accuracy of the calendars any more. Does anyone know where to find calendars from the game developers? Will we have another Ninja Tower this year? Next year?

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