October 2021 TENTATIVE CALENDAR (Events: Trials, Rare Quests, Mirages Of Omega, Tavern of Legends, Atlantis Rises, Valhalla Forever, S4 Voyagers Of The Underwild, Mythic Titan, and Ninja Tower, Starfall Circus, Slayers of Fell Shadows, Return To Morlovia)

Maybe we should write a collective letter for SGG on behalf of the gaming community with a request to help the creators of calendars a little? ))) Can it help?)))

And this, by the way, is my calendar for Russian-speaking players


I dont think you can compare them. Bera/Freya are dominating the game at the moment with supporting heroes Frigg Odin. Only one slow mana Tank was good enough to last some time and that was Kunchen almost 2 years ago. My Dispellers are gonna have a party against Ludwig.

I have no idea what you want lol. Just download a blank calendar lol I’m sorry :neutral_face:
Or hold google translate up over the english one?

That is what we have in Beta right now.

When Valhalla Forever event started with 3 event heroes, then the Featured heroes were matched with the last Beta.

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Starfall Circus comes tomorrow, and Slayers of Fell Shallows later in October.

Tavern will alternate with Costume Chamber.

Atlantis Rises is shortened.


Thanks. If I have these heroes already, I won’t be trying to pull their costume. Don’t think it is worth it. But given I have none of these three, it is quite tempting to give it a shot if they are featured to share that 1% chance.

Awesome work , SG just announced new Update for the Calendar check this link : Schedule Changes for Events (October 2021 Onwards)

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Making room for which upcoming content?did you understand?

There’s an upcoming alliance event, Clash of Knights.

Yes, this event will most likely arrive in October

And just like that the calendars need to be changed. You creators are all so awesome, I wish they would be more forthcoming so you don’t have to do extra work.

And all these calendars are provided for free by generous, dedicated players. Take note E & P, when the players care more about the game…there’s problems.



Me parece una idea estupenda

Calendar folk normally do get a heads up on what’s going on.
Kaf asked on Friday about changes so weekend happened, perti on hols (that’s our go too) so it was just a case of mis timing perti come back today then it was sorted.
Thanks again calendar folk. Had @VeryQuietly updated his tag me when yah have…


Thanks Dude. I always appreciate you giving us a peek into these Mod meetings.

Rock on!!

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If I understand Staff’s statement correctly, then we will have a Tower event every 4 weeks ?

Or this Alliance Quest or whatever will be alternating with the Towers ?

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They have been doing a 4 week cycle thang for a while so my guess is it will.
The new alliance Event I think will be like teltoc etc… I ain’t played it in beta so can’t really comment if it was a tower event… The word tower should be included haha :joy: :+1:

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It is not a Tower event, but earlier Tavern was in that cycle too, which is also not a Tower event.
So everything is possible :smiley:

I think we may need to wait until end of October to have a high level idea about how these events will take place :smiley:

They have posted a change to the events.

“Schedule Changes for Events (October 2021 Onwards) - News & Updates - Empires & Puzzles Community Forum” Schedule Changes for Events (October 2021 Onwards)

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